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judy363905 07-15-2022 09:03 AM

ASU t-shirt quilt
1 Attachment(s)
Progress on quilt

ekuw 07-15-2022 09:52 AM

Super! Love that you added different sashing. Really spices it up.

Tartan 07-15-2022 11:39 AM

Looking great!

annievee 07-15-2022 11:44 AM

Very nice, great look

copycat 07-16-2022 02:53 AM

Looking good...keep up the good work.

WMUTeach 07-16-2022 03:28 AM

Liking this college memory quilt. A marching band student! Yeah! I don't equate surf boards and Arizona State but there must be a strong connection somewhere that I am missing.:) Interesting layout and sashings that takes the quilt in a beautiful direction that compliment the t-shirt logos. Well done! .

Homespun 07-16-2022 06:08 AM

That looks fantastic!

EmiliasNana 07-16-2022 06:13 AM

Great use of ASU colors in the fantastic sashings to bring a cohesiveness to all the T shirts. Love it.

rryder 07-16-2022 06:29 AM

Love the layout and the sashing you've added in.


Doggramma 07-16-2022 06:37 AM

Really creative way to put it together!

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