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SusieQOH 04-03-2020 08:13 AM

That's gorgeous! I have a quilt made from Jinny's palette. I love everything JB.

juliasb 04-03-2020 08:19 AM

The first thought out of my mouth was "Oh my Goodness!!" This quilt is so beautiful! The colors are great and the paisley fabrics bring the Jenny Bryers fabrics and design pop! This is a beautiful quilt for a baby.

MamaLinda 04-03-2020 11:00 AM

Lucky baby!

Jingle 04-03-2020 02:57 PM

Beautiful baby quilt, colors are gorgeous.

osewme 04-03-2020 05:10 PM

Wow! I wish I was the baby you are giving it to!!! That's beautiful.

Sharonquilts 04-04-2020 05:21 AM

Realy pretty.

MicheleC 04-05-2020 06:11 AM

What a beautiful baby quilt! That border fabric is lovely.

RedGarnet222 04-06-2020 10:40 AM

Very sophisticated baby quilt. Great for an artist's family.

Vasilisa 04-07-2020 02:32 AM

This quilt looks like something from a fable - like a window to some mystery world ;) Nice for the baby ;)

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