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pacquilter 05-01-2012 08:53 PM

That's incredible!!!

dilyn 05-02-2012 01:35 AM

Absolutely stunning! What a fabulous job you did. I am in awe....

orangeroom 05-02-2012 01:56 AM

Wow! That's stunning! Nice work!!!

SueDor 05-02-2012 02:02 AM


anndr 05-02-2012 02:47 AM

Absolutely stunning! Love the colors. ~~Ann~~

callen 05-02-2012 03:17 AM

That is one gorgeous quilt !!! Tks for sharing.

damaquilts 05-02-2012 03:25 AM

Very Nice. My brother would love it and no I am not going to show him the picture I don't need anymore projects... lol

whinnytoo 05-02-2012 03:32 AM

Gorgeous doesnt begin to describe this quilt! Totally awesome!

jgriinke 05-02-2012 03:56 AM

Wow and Wow!

Cindy60545 05-02-2012 04:30 AM

This is absolutely gorgeous! How are you quilting it? Please post after quilting it.

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