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kaylfordsollimo 12-18-2015 04:24 PM

My favorites are the snowflakes.

ccthomas 12-18-2015 07:24 PM

Nice quilt and quilting.

twinsister2 12-18-2015 07:26 PM

Wow. It does look like a lot of time, effort and love won't into it. Adorable!

carolynjo 12-19-2015 06:49 AM

I can see that you did a lot of work on the embroidery, but what an heirloom! Good job.

rosiewell 12-19-2015 01:12 PM

nicely done! it looks like lots of work,

BETTY62 12-19-2015 01:20 PM

That's just to cute. I love it.

katesnanna 12-19-2015 01:35 PM

Fabulous quilt. Congratulations

#1piecemaker 12-19-2015 01:39 PM

Nice quilt! You did a great job!

feline fanatic 12-19-2015 02:09 PM

Oh my gosh, I don't have an embroidery machine but I can just imagine having to hoop and support and line up and all the other stuff involved. But wow what a finish! In the end I hope you feel it was worth the whole lot of work because I think it was.

orangeroom 12-19-2015 02:27 PM

So cute! Looks like a lot of work and talent! Nice job!

Cookie46 12-19-2015 11:32 PM

Awesome quilt!!

BrendaK 12-20-2015 12:55 AM

Awesome. BrendaK

smagruder 12-20-2015 03:30 AM

And you did a beautiful job. Congratulations. It is so darn cute.

nunnyJo 12-20-2015 03:31 AM

aww, so sweet

gramquilter2 12-20-2015 09:57 AM

Nicely done-LOVE it.

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