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Caroline S 06-25-2011 07:30 AM

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My step son gave me four "books" of drapery fabric samples he rescued when a relative was moving. The sample swatches are 12"x18". I knew I could do something with them. Two of the sample books were identical. I did a little tweaking of the pattern in order to use the fabric samples and the lining fabric came from my stash. I like the pattern because the only hardware used is the magnetic closure. The pattern is Shelly's Bag from Sewphisti-Cat.

Finished purse


yetta 06-25-2011 07:31 AM

darling bag, you did a great job...

thimblebug6000 06-25-2011 07:32 AM

Great job, and the price was right as well.

LeslieFrost 06-25-2011 07:32 AM

Very nice! A good use for drapery fabric samples, too.

You could also make toss pillows out of them, or even floor pillows.

Patched 06-25-2011 07:33 AM

Love your bag, really like the pattern.

NancyG 06-25-2011 08:19 AM

I LOVE your bag. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Nice job!

QuiltnNan 06-25-2011 08:38 AM

very nice. lucky score on the sample book

blueangel 06-25-2011 08:41 AM

Good job

quiltsillysandi 06-25-2011 02:56 PM

Love it, especially the pockets on the end....

Gramof6 06-25-2011 03:09 PM

Love your bag! Great use of the samples. Bet you are thrilled that your Son rescued them for you. Thank You for sharing.

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