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quiltinghere 05-06-2011 04:48 AM

Lovely - the bottom fabric looks like the 'dark' to me.

sueisallaboutquilts 05-06-2011 04:49 AM

Luscious floral!! I'm wild about florals and your choices together look beautiful to me.

Grandma Peg 05-06-2011 04:56 AM

Really like to two fabrics together.

thequilteddove 05-06-2011 04:57 AM


feline fanatic 05-06-2011 05:02 AM

Lovely combo, do you have a pattern in mind for it?

thequilterslink 05-06-2011 05:09 AM

the fabric is pretty, nice combo... but what is totally AWESOME is the bag in your avatar.

Tippy 05-06-2011 05:10 AM


mamaw 05-06-2011 05:22 AM

I think they are a lovely combination and you will be very pleased with the results when you use them. Black would be a great 3rd. fabric, if needed.

Ann912 05-06-2011 05:42 AM

Looks great!

asmmauer 05-06-2011 05:45 AM

love the combo.

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