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Cam's gram 08-07-2022 01:56 PM

Quilt For a Dear Friend
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This quilt kit was in Quilt Sampler 2022 Spring/Summer magazine. I made it for a dear friend of mine who is having a very rough go of it this summer. Thought she needed something cheerful. This is a long story made short. The middle of May she had a shoulder replacement, 3 weeks later she tripped over DSís dog and broke her arm - the arm the shoulder had been replaced. Went to emergency room (small one up north) and they put a cast on it. Saw her surgeon a couple of days later and he cut the cast off. It was on too tight, too high and she had an open wound from it that was infected close to the incision. Had to go to a rehab place. She had a pump on the wound pulling out infection for weeks and is still getting iv antibiotics twice a day. She had been in there almost two months. Pump is off and soon will be done with antibiotics and then can go home. Wonít be done with slings and braces for a while though.

Quiltwoman44 08-07-2022 02:18 PM

Oh my goodness, that sound like a long, long road. nothing like flying geese going every which way, which is what she was and is doing now. Good luck to your friend and lovely quilt!

toogie 08-07-2022 03:57 PM

Bless her heart! And yours too! I know all about falls and breaking bones so I really sympathize with your friend. You are a good friend to try to cheer her up. Although you understand healing takes time there are days you can't help but get discouraged. Please tell her hang in there, brighter days ahead and she has a bright quilt to help her remember that. Lovely job. I love the look of flying geese quilts but haven't managed to like making them yet.

ps. Every time we go to our daughters her big dogs come to our car and I wait until someone gets them out of the way before I get out. Usually hubby comes around and shoos them away. He doesn't want me falling either as he has to be my caregiver-lol Little dogs at my other daughters could trip me too, so I am aware and careful as I can be. Will be thinking of your friend.

tranum 08-07-2022 04:06 PM

Falls can be life changing. My friend had grandkids visiting and she fell over their shoes left on the deck steps. She was the picture of health but things went South after that incident. Be ever so careful, Quilting Friends.

Quiltah Mama 08-07-2022 04:33 PM

I really feel for your friend
I work in an orthopedic doctors office and can only hope she is able to get good range of motion and strength in her should replacement arm with all that she is going through
Your very thoughtful for making her the quilt, it is a beauty, and I am sure it will cheer her up.

Tartan 08-07-2022 04:56 PM

Lovely quilt! Sounds like she could really use a quilt to cheer her up.

osewme 08-07-2022 07:13 PM

So sweet of you to make a quilt for her. Praying that she will be able to go home soon & will heal. I am finding that I have to slow waaaaay down these day & "slow" is not my speed. I cant' afford to have a fall or break happen now as DH would not be able to take care of himself & me at the same time.
The quilt is very pretty & I know she will appreciate it.

Homespun 08-08-2022 02:25 AM

That is very pretty. Hope your friend heals quickly!

EmiliasNana 08-08-2022 05:35 AM

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Falls can happen so easily, and too quickly to even catch yourself. We have two large dogs but they know to stay still when I step over them, but my 3 yr. old grandson last year went sliding across the floor on his knees with his truck, just as I was carrying a load of dishes back from the table. Luckily I didn't hurt him when I fell on him and nothing broke, including me. Had several large bruises though. I hope your friend has a complete recovery soon, but the quilt will certainly brighten her recovery time!

Quiltwoman44 08-08-2022 05:45 AM

my friend in England just slipped and fell in her new shower. She was stuck but luckily her daughter was visiting. Her husband (who has dementia) tried to help but no luck getting her up. They called the neighbor and he couldn't either. They called paramedic firemen, they removed the door! she is out and all bruised but good otherwise. showers can be treacherous places.
walking is my worry. wearing rubber sole shoes are my bad. I tend to want to move sideways and my foot doesn't want to lift up enough. rubber doesn't slide easily. Take care out there everyone!! think first, then move.

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