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JEM65 06-14-2010 07:49 PM

Dear Lets quilt, your Angel knows what she is about! Chocolate, awesome fabric, and magazines with patterns! I want to meet this angel and have quality sewing time with her! Enjoy!

JEM65 06-14-2010 07:57 PM

I know this gets said time and again on this board but it bears repeating! The people who make up this online quilting, teaching, sharing, & caring friendship - are simply some of the best most kind hearted people I have ever seen!

gramqlts 06-14-2010 08:21 PM

Chrickette is doing real good. Went to the doctor last Wed and he said she could start driving and trying to get back to normal but to go slow and easy at it. She went to Mass yesterday and came over to my house today for a little while as she went to get some perscriptions filled and had to wait and I only live 6 blocks from drug store she goes to. We drove over to look at house I hope to buy. I was telling her I need to get package off to my secret quilt angel and after she left I went to mail box about hour later and low and behold there was package in it from my Angel. She must have ESP and knew I was thinking about Angels. It had a neat book about Chocolate....some chocolate fat quarters (white choc, milk choc and dark choc), some scrap booking decals/stickers about chocolates/sweets and a sweet note. She said she wasn't going to mail chocolate since it has been so hot cause worried it might melt so decided on next best things. It was awesome. And boy was she right about melting. We have been having some bodacious weather around here. Just sweltering!!!! I have never been one for naps and love to mow my own yard but this year the heat has really been getting to me and I fall asleep every time I crawl in to my recliner to rest and cool off. Not like me at all. Either it is the heat or I am really getting old!!! Gotta be the heat cause I'm still a young spring chicken. (smile) Thanks Angel for all the goodies....you're the absolute world's best angel. You really made my day! Love you.

karielt 06-15-2010 06:58 AM

Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate you must be in heaven then sounds good to me.

jamh 06-15-2010 07:33 AM

I got a wonderful gift last week! I was waiting to post pitcures but my camera is still MIA!! But I got some wonderful fabric, a tea cup and coaster, candles and candle holder! Thank you SQA!

sewnsewer2 06-15-2010 10:06 AM

Beautiful angel!! I collect them also.

kwhite 06-15-2010 10:14 AM

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Awwwww I have the best SQA ever. My "baby" (22) left for her summer job and made me a bit blue like always and my SQA was so thoughtful and sent me this beautiful pink elephant fabric to help me remember her beauty to keep me happy. Thank you so much Angel. You are truely the greatest.

Sugarpumpkin 06-15-2010 10:14 AM

Oh I just LOVE that pink elephant fabric!!!

sewnsewer2 06-15-2010 08:28 PM

How cute Karen! I haven't heard from mine in a few months.

Sugarpumpkin 06-16-2010 07:43 AM

Haven't heard from mine in awhile either.

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