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Roben 08-04-2008 04:27 AM

Fantastic job :thumbup: Remember, its not a boo-boo - it's a design choice!!

barnbum 08-04-2008 04:38 AM

Remember, its not a boo-boo - it's a design choice!!
That's awesome!! :lol:

Bevanger 08-04-2008 05:03 AM

Looks great to me. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Marcia 08-04-2008 05:06 AM

I love it--the colors are fantastic. You did a super job. We are all too critical of our own work.

The Amish intentionally put a boo-boo in their quilts-they say that only God can make something perfect.

all4quilt 08-04-2008 05:34 AM

I love this!! TFS!


beachlady 08-04-2008 05:41 AM

Love the quilt and your chioce of colors works so well.

mgshaw 08-04-2008 05:41 AM

I love it, great colors!

judee0624 08-04-2008 07:20 AM



tarib 08-04-2008 12:25 PM

Thanks everyone. I like the saying of the Amish, and I love the "design choice" I have to remember that. A special thanks to Karla, for putting my picture on, and to Jennifer for posting the picture of her beautiful quilt that gave me the inspiration for my wall hanging.

jbsstrawberry 08-04-2008 12:32 PM

tarib that is soooo pretty!! I looked and looked, I couldn't find a boo-boo either!!!

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