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JustAbitCrazy 08-27-2018 11:17 AM

Originally Posted by feline fanatic (Post 8116802)
Drop dead gorgeous quilt and you did a fabulous job quilting it too. Definitely needs to be in a show!

My thoughts Exactly!

Sync 08-27-2018 11:18 AM

Gorgeous quilt.

jlt37869 08-27-2018 11:50 AM

Very nice!

SouthPStitches 08-27-2018 12:34 PM

A stunning masterpiece.

Tartan 08-27-2018 02:38 PM

​Beautiful quilt and quilting!

MsHeirloom 08-27-2018 02:55 PM

What an amazing quilt and quilting. our daughter will treasure it!

suern3 08-27-2018 03:06 PM

Absolutely awesome!

Jingle 08-27-2018 03:11 PM

Absolutely beautiful quilt, quilting and colors.

SusieQOH 08-27-2018 04:23 PM

Omg, that is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!

Becky's Crafts 08-27-2018 04:48 PM

It's absolutely gorgeous!! Love the colors!

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