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UH OH can you see the mistake? >

UH OH can you see the mistake?

UH OH can you see the mistake?

Old 08-07-2013, 04:44 AM
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It looks gorgeous! When I squinted at my monitor, I thought I noticed another one on the top partial row, which would be the right side if the photo were flipped. Are my eyes tricking me?
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Old 08-07-2013, 04:53 AM
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I did notice it first thing but it looks as though it is in the exact center of the quilt and meant to be there! I think I would leave it. Beautiful quilt!
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:08 AM
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I would leave it. I like it the way it is!
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:12 AM
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Pretty quilt! Funny thing is that since it is right in the middle you could say that the pattern radiates out from it.
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:27 AM
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I did that a one of the last quilts I made. Luckily, like you, I found it before I finished quilting it.
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:34 AM
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I would have left it alone! It gives the quilt real character to have that one quirky block. I love it just the way it is!
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:38 AM
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Glad you caught it. I had put a pic of my grandson's quilt on the board and 3 people pm'd me one of the letters were backwards. So glad it was caught in time. Even though you really can't tell on your's. I know how you feel " but I know" and it drives us nuts. I love the quilt though, it is very nice
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:45 AM
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Yepper I see it but its hard to see unless someone mentions it. But I think I see another OOPS at the top row 3rd half block in red going across. I saw that one before I saw the one in the middle you mentioned. I could be wrong though, it won't be the 1st time.................or the last...........:-)
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:53 AM
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The Amish from what I understand do that on purpose. I would leave it as is.
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Old 08-07-2013, 05:55 AM
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Spotted it, but only because you told me where it was! Most people wouldn't spot it, you see it because you kbnow what it's supposed to be like, other people will just think it's part of the design. Can you tell, that I would say to leave it be and not take it out. Unless there is a blatant, noticeable mistake, I won't fix it, just leave it in.
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