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lynnie 01-02-2022 07:32 AM

maybe someone can help me.
bearisgrey sent me a private msg, and i tried to read/return msg, but it dissappeared. how do i get it back, respond to it. let her know i didn't not answer her. thanks for all the help.

toverly 01-02-2022 07:51 AM

Try clicking on the bell beside your sign in on the upper right of the screen. Then click on unread private messages. A drop down screen will appear with today, tomorrow, ect. It should be there.

OurWorkbench 01-02-2022 08:20 AM

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Unless it somehow got deleted, you can click on the following in order. #1 should be on any page, if you are logged in. It should take you to a page like is in the image. #2 is the upside down triangle and after clicking on that it should show the box that has Inbox and Sent Items. When you have the mouse over the "Inbox" or "Sent Items" it looks like the words disappear, but just click on one or the other. If you click on the "Sent Items" then scroll down a bit, you should be able to see the message that got sent.


Hope this helps.

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