isolation challenge 2020

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nice, Mkotch

This is a great idea. A great way to stay connected while social distancing.

Got the pattern for the project planned for tomorrow at Comfort Quilts. So that's what I'll work on for now.

It's great to see what everyones doing through pictures. So I need to do it too. I think I've got all the info, just haven't tryed doing it.
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We're not under quarantine here but schools, rec centers, senior centers, etc. are all closed. Too gloomy to get out and work in the garden so I made two placemats from sample blocks I've been carrying around for way too long, just need to add binding and two more to sandwich and quilt. I have enough project ideas and two quilts kitted up ready to go that will keep me busy for awhile. Now if the sun would sun just stay out for a couple of days I can get the garden cleaned up and ready for new flowers.
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Mkotch, congratulations on the first finish in the thread!

Here we are in the middle of "it cannot get any worse than this". I will spare you details - I did enough whining in the "2020 UFO" thread. In between calls regarding the wedding I am sewing ad today I would like to show my current project and my little helper
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Originally Posted by Cheshirepat View Post
It will be interesting (not in a morbid way, I promise) to see how this thread might change over time. I feel here where I am, things are not being taken especially seriously *yet*. Schools are being dismissed, power companies are beginning to send notice that they will support customers throughout this period, but I have not been excused from work *yet* but am keen on limiting my exposure nonetheless. ...And it's not like I don't have a million or so UFO's to work - but I'm one of the people feeling emotionally stressed by all this, (I tend to worry about things over much, maybe care over much) and I'm finding my ability to channel energy into creative things fairly limited right now. Last night I watched part of Carmen - the Metropolitan Opera is streaming HD productions for free - and that brought me some joy. I'm going to use this time as an exercise in try to focus more on feeding my soul rather than my anxiety. What I can create I'll post here. And I hope to be inspired by all the rest who do as well! Thanks sewingpup for the good idea! Sending supportive thoughts to those, like me, who feel the weight of the times!
I too tend to overthink and what I am thinking of is to just get my "string" scraps and already cut to size phone book I can mindlessly diagonally stitch string blocks....
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This sounds like a wonderful idea....we are not in quarantine here, but all of the schools are closed and events are cancelled. Unfortunately I work at a grocery store and it has been beyond busy...I'm just not getting enough time to do anything. I have borders to put on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. When I finally get some time off, I intend to finish that.
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Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
I will spare you details - I did enough whining in the "2020 UFO" thread. In between calls regarding the wedding I am sewing ad today I would like to show my current project and my little helper
V- I read what you are going thru on the UFO board and you are 100% allowed to whine! Nobody expects their wedding to be canceled on account of pandemic. And people can say until they are blue "its the person not the party. A wedding is just one day, a marriage is a lifetime." But they're just platitudes and I know you are fiercely disappointed. I will *always* be here to listen.

But at least you have a cute helper. Do they have a favorite Box or are they an opportunist?
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Rff1010, thanks. The helper has two rules: "if it fits, I sits" and "you are doing it - I am sitting on it".
About the wedding - the most nerve-wrecking things was having to adjust to the ever-changing conditions and not knowing what will come next. Now at least everything is decided - and I will even be allowed to bring a photographer, so at least we will have nice photos.

So now I can concentrate on my UFOs

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Most things are closed here so I will just have to stay home (call from dr. said "stay home"). I still have a long way to go on the latest Bonnie Hunter quilt so I will tackle it!
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Mkotch, what a fun perspective and use of what is at hand. Love it! Inspiring.
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Well, I pretty much stay to myself anyway, so this is not a big issue for me. I have stocked up on food, and Lord knows, I have enough fabric,thread, batting, and other sewing necessities, to keep me supplied for months, probably years. My bus trip to Paducah and Hamilton, MO has been cancelled, was to be in April, after Easter. So our money is being returned, so that will give me lots of money for online shopping. Ha! Ha! The dog and I have been spending quality time in front of theTV watching the daily updates. I am considered in the high-risk category because of past cancer and radiation, leaving my immune system in a weakened state, so family is keeping in touch with me. I don't go out all that much anyway, so no issues with contact with anyone at risk. I will continue to make quilts for the cancer center and other places where quilts will be needed, have made 13 so far this year.
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