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As someone who is in the Seattle area and very impacted by the measures being taken, part of me wants to say that this is serious stuff and not to take it lightly.

For those of you who haven't gone to the store to find it bare of basically everything -- no milk, bread, eggs, soup, water, toilet paper, and/or any cleaning supplies that contain bleach (the only things left in the cleaning aisle were lavender scented laundry soap and wood wax...), and be surrounded by distressed hoarding people wearing masks you just don't have an idea of what it is like...

All restaurants are now closed except for take out -- that puts a lot of people who depend on tips out of work and facing homelessness. Most restaurants won't have their own people deliver any more. Schools being closed will impact daycare workers. This is serious stuff and will have lasting financial implications in addition to the virus.

But, on the other hand, I typically live a rather happy self-isolated quilting lifestyle and say -- yay! Let's get on with the sewing I'm still suffering a bit of a hangover from the Bonnie Hunter Frolic mystery and have been spending more time killing imaginary dragons on-line than sewing.
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I've always been able to keep myself busy or not busy if that is what I want, but just knowing I can't go out and do whatever I want if I want is kind of daunting. I've decided to wipe down my kitchen cupboards, go thru drawers, and things like that in the mornings, then the rest of day is mine to sew, read, puzzle or whatever. It's just hubby and myself so I've been trying new recipes. Don't know if he is excited about that or not but doesn't complain. So hope you all can keep yourself together with something. Hang in there.
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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
Mkotch, what a fun perspective and use of what is at hand. Love it! Inspiring.
I probably have enough to last the rest of the year! LOL (that's all we can do right now).
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Well, I have a transport today and tomorrow, but am going to call the office and tell them I can't make it today, we have at least a foot of new snow, and if I don't to go out, I'm not. Tomorrow, we'll see.

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Most of my UFO's are on hold right now as I have 2 commitments that I am doing. One is the blocks for the Boom 24 and the other is the quilt that is laying half finished on my studio floor. Completing these projects as isolation projects would fit the bill. I am pretty much a homebody anyway so I have plenty to concentrate on quilt wise that is.
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Originally Posted by Mkotch View Post
Here's my first finish - "Corona Cabin" - made with strings and 2.5" squares from my leftover square box
clever name!! LOL
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Originally Posted by Mkotch View Post
Here's my first finish - "Corona Cabin" - made with strings and 2.5" squares from my leftover square box
Great quilt, Mkotch! Love it...
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At the beginning of the year, I downloaded a blogger's UFO sheet and put down at least a dozen projects. It sat there until Saturday when I noticed it again. Took a look and pulled out the first three projects. Today I finished the first one- a small table topper. Tomorrow I will get batting, backing and binding ready. I have also an ongoing string project as my string containers were overflowing. I also emptied container and cut up/sorted for my scrap system.

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The last few days I have been running last minute errands. Getting dog and cat food, minor items from the store. Going out to eat brunch with hubby yesterday. Afterwards the restaurants closed for in restaurant service. Some schools closed down for in school classes for the year. Now, that district will used computers and on line courses for home for students K-12 grades. Other schools are closed for spring break and have not decided what they will do. Many business are powering down to almost nothing. Many quilt stores are still open for business, but cancelled many in store classes. Last Saturday I went to a lock-in mystery class and social. (3 days later no symptoms). Banks are open for drive through only, many churches have closed and cancelled all activities. Some doing computer video sermons. Our libraries closed to business on Monday at noon for 3 weeks and will re-evaluate then. We have overdrive online library, so that helps a lot. It’s very quiet. I live close to an airport and flights are fewer and almost empty. I do see people driving in their cars and walking their dogs and walking on walking tracks. I hear as long as it’s a small groups it’s fine. Some school aged kids are passing out lunches to homeless individuals and school aged homeless kids. A Few members of our super bowl players donated $1,000.00+ for homeless meals and harvesters. We have a fabulous football and baseballs group of players and fans. We really do support each other here.

as for sewing UFO’s, I will finish a fall UFO my sister gave me to finish. We started it over 10 years ago together. It’s just 10” blocks. If I can find my twister tool I will make it into a twister quilt. Otherwise it will be just 10” squares. I’m still working on my BHMQ and Halloween quilt and started my lock-in mystery quilt.

keep safe and happy sewing/quilting everyone.
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Originally Posted by Mkotch View Post
Here's my first finish - "Corona Cabin" - made with strings and 2.5" squares from my leftover square box
Lovely quilt and great name!

I always bought new binding and just boxed my cut up left overs. So now that I'm trying to stay home more I've decided to start piecing my binding into a backing for a quilt top that needs finished. I'll just admit I prefer piecing tops to piecing binding ;D
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