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QuiltMom2 03-13-2020 05:08 AM

Progress report: borders added to top, back pieced for what I think is a 6 yr UFO, but there's a bit of rearranging to do.

Bugaroo 03-13-2020 05:29 AM

2 Attachment(s)
... I forgot to attach pictues.

grann of 6 03-13-2020 05:55 AM

Everyone is doing great. I love all the projects shown. I have been tied up working on the blocks for the Porcelain quilt. I have most of the centers sewed, and the HST strips for the outside of each. I discovered I can only sew them upstairs in the bedroom on that old Singer. The blocks are too precision to mix up seam widths, even though I measured my mark. It appears to be the same as the good machine in the sewing studio, but they don't go together right. So I only work on them while I am watching TV. My bedroom is the only room with a TV for a reason, don't want distractions when concentrating on sewing elsewhere. Consequently, sewing has been slow going. Today I am going to work downstairs in the studio and cut up some strips for a JR pattern I found. It's not a UFO, but will be a stash buster, since these batiks have been waiting to become a Bargello, but have changed my mind about that. Anyway, I had better get moving.....

juliasb 03-13-2020 06:21 AM

As it looks right now I have fallen off the wagon for completing the UFO's that were on my list for this year. I still have one that I so want to complete but I am just not there right now. Maybe I can get back on in the near future. There is always next year if not this years.

sewbizgirl 03-13-2020 08:07 AM

Bug, love the weiner dog quilt! Great fabrics and quilting.... If the footprints were quilted freehand, I am very impressed!

Grann of 6, I don't like to mix machines when I'm piecing something, either. It does make a difference.

rryder 03-13-2020 10:49 AM

Love the doggie quilt, Bugaroo!


retiredteacher09 03-13-2020 04:14 PM

Bugaroo: Very pretty quilt and quilting.

Rob: I hope you are doing well after your tooth was pulled.

Vasilisa 03-13-2020 07:25 PM

Hello, long time no see.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver of the current situation is that I may finally have time to finish those UFOs.

That is - I am going to be stuck at home before the wedding, which It is supposed to be next Saturday, but might not take place actually, after the honeymoon and maybe even instead of it.

With more and more places closing (first it was schools, then pools and sports clubs, then restaurants and shopping centers...) if the next category is registry offices, then I may be a fiancee for a while longer. Needless to say, I cancelled my bachelorette party. The wedding guests might have to be reduced to maid of honour, best man, and our parents. Negotiations with the restaurant about the dwindling number of people for the after-ceremony lunch unexpectedly turned today into a "do you do catering?", as the decision to close restaurants (take-away and deliveries are still allowed) happened when we were actually having our dinner at the restaurant in question, where we went to discuss last details of the party with the manager. Now they would be happier to bring food and serving utensils to our place for 8 people rather than doing nothing.

I was supposed to take leave from work from next Friday, but the company suggested earlier beginning of vacation so I will not be going to work on Monday. My vacation is supposed to last till 2 April, but I already kow that I need to reschedule our honeymoon trip. We have a "plan B" for honeymoon, which would be domestic travel to a place maximum 300 km from Warsaw and by car (no public transport for the wicked!). Is is still up in the air whether we will be able to pull up even that, and even if we do, it will be shorter than the originally booked trip. Still, they won't let me shorten the vacation.

For those who think that it is enviable - no, it is not. I have a limit of vacation days per year and if I use most of them now, I can forget about going on summer holidays or taking a few free days around Christmas. So I will keep sewing not to get mad thinking about the c-virus.

rryder 03-14-2020 03:49 AM

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the well wishes on the tooth. It seems to be healing well. Had the one week checkup Thursday and I go back this coming Thursday for the 2 week. Because there were more than the normal number of roots and they were very close to my sinus I have been required to take sinus precautions including no bending over, no sneezing through my nose, no blowing my nose and I’m not allowed to play any wind instruments for another week or so - who knew playing a wind instrument could be perilous LOL!

Vasilisa, I’m so sorry to hear that your wedding plans have been disrupted by the novel corona virus. I hope you can come up with an option that works for you and your finance.

I hope that all the precautions the WHO and CDC are now putting into place will slow the transmission enough to enable our health care facilities to handle everyone who needs more extensive care. We don’t want to be in the situation that Italy now faces with overwhelmed medical facilities.


Bugaroo 03-14-2020 06:02 AM

I have a new M7 Janome so I am learning how to free motion quilt. The paw prints were drawn first and then I free motion traced them. I used a ruler in the triangles. The goal was to practice as many techniques as possible. It was fun but getting the stitch size and curvature takes practice and confidence. I want to go faster but then the stitching is less precise. I need more practice!

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