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rryder 02-03-2021 07:22 AM

Hey y'all, I just posted a picture of my finished Color block quilt for January in the Pictures forum-go take a look when you get a chance. It's all from scraps including the batting, backing and binding. Based on Debbie Brown's January quilt, I added some squares in the borders and did a different quilting style since I wanted to use It to practice my ruler work. Now to decide what my color scheme will be for the February QAL. Great scrap buster! Now to decide what colors I want to use for her Feb. QAL.


Rff1010 02-03-2021 08:41 AM

Originally Posted by Conchalea (Post 8457953)
I stepped off the wagon last night. My grandson graduates from high school this year so I thought about a quilt for him. He's very into Dungeons & Dragons & Magick the Gathering role playing games, so I looked for fabric that will fit. I found some dragon panels & bought those. So far I've passed on fabric with the multi-sided dice used in his games because it's $18.50/ yd, which seems high to me. This Sat is also K's birthday so I bought a panel for her. I'm stepping back up on the wagon, & all of the new fabrics will be used by May.

I see nothing wrong with purchases for a specific project. The idea is all purchases should be "stash neutral" not adding to our collection. Nothing "just because". But if you made purchases for a specific project...that's valid in my eyes. Shop the stash first...but sometimes you need to go to a different store.

petthefabric 02-03-2021 09:21 AM

Conchella; that's not stepping off the wagon. That's thoughtout purchase.
Rob; loved the quilt.

oksewglad 02-03-2021 12:25 PM

Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 (Post 8457918)
Rff1010: I would think the flannel strips would work for a backing. I have a flannel sheet inside a 50 year old quilt. 🤷‍♀️

I took batting rolls to my church quilters today and came home with 2 kitchen-sized garbage bags full of fabrics. Oops! I think one of the bag contents are unusable for quilts. It happens sometimes that I end up with a bag like that by mistake. The other bag will get sorted when Iím done with my grandsonís quilt. Heís 1 today!

Rff1010--I'm hoping our church group can get to making some fidget quilts and I have heard that flannel works great as a backing for them as they stay on the a lap better than plain cotton so I'm saving those wider flannel strips to be used as pieced backings for the fidget quilts.

Connie--Ugh nothing like hauling fabric home and then having to rehome it!

This weekend I acquired the t-shirts for 2 more quilts and was able to plan layouts and determine how much fabric I will need. In stash is a nice piece to use for one of the quilts along with the red I bought for our GSon's quilt (I finished the small amount on the bolt) So will just need to get a solid black for the outer border and binding. The second quilt, I'm not sure yet if I have stash fabric for.

This afternoon I plan to set my 6" stars with stash setting..off to the design wall, I'm supposed to work on Friday, but may be forced to stay home if the wind picks up and blows Thursday's snow around...also temps could be 0 and below...brrr.

Teen 02-03-2021 05:51 PM

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Conchalea....a total pass on the purchase. Special occasion and a novelty fabric buy. You are good!

Rob...well done on quilt & quilting! Proud of you for finishing what you started...yah!

oksewglad....youíve got your Super Bowl weekend all ready to go! Good luck!

I picked this quilt up from the LAíer last week...all done! This was a FQ bundle (maybe 4 left give or take, which Iíve already whacked into) Iíve had for over a year and about 6 1/2 yards from stash for backing, binding, and borders. I love this quilt so I put it on the back of my sofa....this is a keeper.

retiredteacher09 02-03-2021 05:56 PM

Rob: Congratulations on finishing your Color Block quilt! I like the colors and the added squares. I learned something new today: How to find the Picture section. Lol!

Teen: I agree that’s a keeper.

My Color Block quilt was set aside by a couple of my church quilting group friends as a possible one to give to Salvation Army to celebrate hitting another 1000. If our leader doesn’t already have one set aside, it would hang in the office area of Salvation Army.

oksewglad 02-03-2021 08:12 PM

Love your FQ quilt, Teen. Lots of different blocks made and techniques utilized.

RetTeach...congratulations on the possible quilt on exhibition!

No school for the Grands tomorrow so they will be down in the morning. I hope to get a second opinion on the layout of my star blocks. They have good eyes for color and placement so I take their advice seriously.

petthefabric 02-03-2021 10:08 PM

After searching my shelves, decided I just didn't have it. Purchased fabric for 2 backs today.

rryder 02-04-2021 03:38 AM

That’s gorgeous, Teen- I’d keep it too!


rryder 02-04-2021 03:40 AM

Connie-great news on the potential exhibiting of your colorblock quilt!


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