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ckcowl 11-22-2021 01:41 PM

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Put together my November ( National Quilt Museum) block - in November! Used all scraps and stash backing and pieces of cut off batting. I keep using up what I have. I did have to order some quilt backing fabrics though for 3 Big quilts I need to get quilted- oh well at least no stash fabric purchase just what I needed to get things done. I have found I donít have much ( yardage) left, most of my stash is smaller pieces now.
hereís my November block

Gemm 11-24-2021 08:12 AM

That's a cute quilt block, ckcowl - I'm guessing the NQM reference is related to a monthly block event. I have so many ideas for projects right now I can't imagine trying to do anything on a schedule, but it's always fun to look and so I'll check that out. :-)

Also, good for you for challenging yourself at a good pace as you continue to learn how to live with a TBI. Listening to your body is important, but so is negotiating with it for things you really want. It's lovely that you have a fellow quilting enthusiast in Ben and can continue to do such beautiful work.

Thanks for sharing.

Rff1010 11-27-2021 03:51 AM

There's fabric in them there scraps!
I started with a small scrap bundle from Moda - 30 pieces of 30" jelly roll strips. I added some leftover binding, a few FQ that I cut masks from, balanced with a few more colors, and about 30 four patches of random colors that were just hanging out.

Did Jellyroll race , added in the 4 patches....and ended up with 64 x 107. I'm going to trim the length to 100 and add some 5" side borders to get to 75. ( I hate rolling over and getting a gap where cold air seeps in).

Truly I did not realize I started with that much fabric. It was just stuff that was hanging around and I had the idea to use up the 4 patches. And while it was a full day - it was ONE DAY. Never done that before!

I'd like to donate to Quilts for Scholars. Has anyone worked with them? Do they take just the flimsy?

Wish I could figure out how to post photos. The scrap addicts on here would like it. It just screams homey.

juliasb 11-27-2021 08:24 AM

Well as this year is coming closer to the end I feel pretty good at NOT buying more fabrics for my stash. I few pieces to finish a project here or there, mostly backing fabrics or battings. Working from my stash has left quite the mess in my studio but after the holidays I will get into cleaning and putting all the fabrics back where they belong. I will also start sorting for projected projects for 2022. Anyone's guess if I will get finished what I am trying to do.
Right now I have pulled out again the Christmas fabric stash and am making Oven Mitts. I have a number of pairs to just put on the bindings. These of course are Christmas gifts for a number of family members.
I believe I have done well with NOT adding to my stash and making a small dent in it.

Iceblossom 11-29-2021 02:06 PM

Juliasb, I think you have done great especially with the many challenges you've faced in the past year. I'm still feeling very unproductive myself, but pretty good about not buying fabric.

This year's Bonnie Hunter is basically all stash -- plus solid white I bought so I'm going to use. But I was able to use up some small solids and a "great for a back" fabric I bought years ago that indeed will make a great back.

I'd have to go back to the front page and look but I believe technically we are in the grace period and fabric acquisition does not count against us! Hope everyone is doing well and let's not have any slipping and falling during the slippery months.

ckcowl 12-11-2021 01:52 PM

Even though the year is winding down and I thought I would look forward to actually doing a little ( shopping) in the new year - I have gaps in my stash after 4 years of moratorium, I think I’m going to stay diligently not shopping. Another year of moratorium.
even though I have accomplished quite a bit and have made great strides in decluttering and using up stash it has been a chore- I’ve lost the joy. It is hard and I force myself to get in there and sew/ quilt because I have stuff that needs to be made or finished ( or quilted for Ben) it’s an obligation and it’s hard.
i am so glad Ben is loving any opportunity to create a new quilt- he loves it and actually is trying to negotiate at work to work 3 days a week & have 2 to sew. The only thing stopping me from packing everything up and sending it to him is the fact they live in a little apartment and don’t have room . I told them when their lease is up they really need to find a bigger place.
so, anyway— 2022- here I come. Using up what I have, getting things done as I can, sharing/ passing stuff on as opportunity comes along- getting ready for a new chapter. Sewing for 56 years ( I’m sure I will always sew some- mending, stuff) and quilting for 46 years it’s been a good run just feels like time to turn the page.

Iceblossom 01-03-2022 08:14 AM

Hey folks, I hope all are well and happy and ready to resume non-fabric buying for 2022. I've just sent a PM to Conchalea and haven't given her time to respond, I know she's had a lot things going on in real life and she might appreciate someone taking on the limited duties of hosting of a new thread for 2022. It doesn't take much to host the thread, but I'm going to be moving this year and am likely to mostly disappear from the boards for a few months.

In good news, there's nothing like packing up the sewing room to slow down the buying of fabric! I'm glad that I've been reducing my stash. I did buy 3 extra wide backs during the shopping season period that don't have tops made for them yet but overall, less fabric starting 2022 than I had in 2021.

ckcowl 01-04-2022 05:35 PM

I hope someone steps in to continue our moratorium thread. If it wasn’t for my boggled brain I would consider it but I still struggle too much. I do plan on continuing the moratorium though. I did take advantage of a good sale for a few more wide backs- I think I have all I need to finish the stack of Ben’s quilts and the few I accomplished this past year- now I just have to get them done.
today I contacted the neurologist about the issues I’ve been having- I have a new appointment on February 16, maybe I will ( learn something- like how to better deal with this)
looking forward, with positive thoughts for a better 2022.
i reached the center of the Ben quilt that’s loaded on the long arm, and I got 1 side done ( hand stitching part) of the binding on the last one I quilted so, I’m ( trudging along) making progress.
and- I’m sending out another large flat rate box of scraps and orphans.

joe'smom 01-04-2022 06:43 PM

Is anyone in contact with Conchalea? I believe the etiquette would be to see if she would like to host the thread again. I don't think I'm a good host for a thread like this because I'm not very chatty. I think someone with the gift of gab makes a better host (my two cents).

ScubaK 01-06-2022 05:26 PM

I'm in...
No fabric being bought but this latest BHMQ has me depleted my neutrals. So, I may have to shop for that...
I am also participating in a UFO Challenge. One project a month for 12 months. This month is Frolic. I can't just work on ONE project at a time. Have some kennel quilts, Accuquilt SAL, a few table toppers...

Gemm 01-07-2022 05:19 PM

It doesn't appear that Conchalea is currently active (I know some people have reached out to her with no response yet) and so a new thread has been started for Fabric Moratorium 2022. Hope to see you all there. :-)

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