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Rff1010 06-25-2021 05:50 PM

Originally Posted by Iceblossom (Post 8492908)
So wait -- are you putting together all those little diamonds and not sewing in strip sets? Double hats off to you!

I'm going to try and look like snowflakes instead of the more radiating type stars -- but it will be strip sets and I'm hoping for some serendipity but I think I'm going to just have a few more stars than I actually use...

Oh no- 100% strip sets. But even with the strip sets I find my points are off about every 3rd seam. So unstitch , adjust and then try again until it's good enough. I found that I got about 10 cuts from each set so enough for extra diamonds. Don't know what to do with the extra diamonds...but that's a problem *later*
​​​​​​I think if you chart it out you could get the snowflakes. Sounds interesting!

oksewglad 06-27-2021 05:03 AM

Are you starching, Rff1010? That may help with those bias edges.

Iceblossom 06-28-2021 09:12 AM

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Ugh a mug! Seattle is in a heat wave. 100 outside the house, 87 inside with no AC and careful timing of opening/closing windows and fans.

I think this will be presentation to our group hostess this week. In the good news/bad news sort of things, we've all had shots but were still meeting outside because she was keeping the house to extreme standards. With Brian in his new residence, we will be able to come inside and she does have AC. Bittersweet.

I have been doing a lot of fabric looking and wanting but am holding firm (so far anyway!) on not buying -- except I do need and will use that back for Aunt Debbie's quilt. I've been pulling out some of my own blues (in addition to the UM fabrics) for the fan blades, need to pull some yellows next and cut them. Once cut, they go together fast. I'm using the same John Flynn template + Eleanor Burns rickrack technique I used in my Turkey Fan quilt -- so all have a yellow background, a paisley pie piece with white rickrack and then will have the fan blades... you just basically applique on the pie and fan pieces on top of the base square.

petthefabric 06-28-2021 10:20 AM

ice blossom. nice pattern.

hear you re heat wave. we have ac but threats of energy black outs

Irishrose2 06-28-2021 01:00 PM

Your quilt is coming along nicely, iceb. I do have AC, but one of the cats complains if I close the front door so I find myself using it less this year.
I've finished two quilts - both from stash except the backings, but my computer isn't being cooperative in downsizing the pictures. I will play with it again.

retiredteacher09 06-28-2021 04:47 PM

Iceblossom: You have been on my mind since I heard about your heat wave on the news. Such goofy weather.

rryder 06-30-2021 04:34 AM

I finally got off my butt and went to my LQS for the first time since Covid struck. I was completely out of WOW, blue blenders, light colored blenders and wide backs. 16 yards of fabric later, I walked out with 3 wide backs, 2 of which were remnants, the WOW that I needed and a variety of remnants in the lights and blues that I needed. The only thing I bought that wasn’t on my list was a spool of Glide in a color I really liked. One of the wide backs has already been put to use and the others will be used up by the end of summer. All the blenders went into my stash to replace things I’ve used up this past year, so I’m ok with that as well.


petthefabric 06-30-2021 05:52 AM

Ice B; WOW! Records toppling. In Cal. there are cooling centers. What are people doing to avoid heat stress? What's happening to animals and vegetation?

Our DD in Florida has horses that stand under hose showers to cool off. It seemed funny, but now I'm more empathetic.

Iceblossom 06-30-2021 06:15 AM

There are cooling centers and fortunately, the weather has broken! On the other side of that, I turned off the fan for a moment last night and was promptly eaten alive by mosquitos. Fan still good :) His work hasn't been so bad, home has been hotter. We've been going on some lovely drives for an hour of AC in the car and bring the dogs and there is usually a DQ or at least McDonalds drinks and chicken nuggets for the dogs. Good times!

Many restaurants closed completely, most of the pizza places for example.

My little black dog, the Queenie Chiweenie, didn't like it much but I filled up the kiddy pool and dunked her in it, she was in bad shape. First time she really didn't think much of it. Second time, well it was still icky with all that water but it did feel sort of good. Third time, she walked around a little. She isn't jumping in herself yet, but she got the connection. Might make a water dog out of her yet. I've had dogs for some 30 years now, of all shapes and sizes, breeds and mixes. The only one that liked water was a cocker spaniel! Lol, Dusty looked like creampuff but you could tell in him that yes, Cockers were hunting dogs at some point before they went show.

Leaves and such on the plants are burnt to a crisp! Early fall colors and leaf loss too, not to a huge extent but it confused the trees too. My dogwood is dropping blossoms weeks early. I watered the hydrangea every day, it survived but it will look better next year.

Night before last it was 92 degrees in the house... around 1:30 AM (the one close to midnight) there was a breeze going down the street but straight past the house, I was able to stand in the doorway with the screen door open (it's only half screen) and was able to use that to catch the air inside and cooled down the house to 88 in about half an hour. It made an amazing difference.

So in sad news, we did not present the quilt, we were two group members short, but also Brian had a heart attack over the weekend. Janice is visiting him but he is unresponsive. At group we were waiting for the call to see if there was enough time for hospice to be involved, or if he would stay in the home he is in which does include end of life care. She was a nurse, she is prepared, but some things you just can't prepare enough... it was good to have supportive quilt ladies by her side.

Today it is back to work on the star blocks to alternate with the fan blocks for Aunt Debbie Bleeds Blue. I forgot my pins yesterday but I started matching up the sides to the centers.

Teen 06-30-2021 06:19 PM

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Hi, you’all….Been traveling but I have been busting through my stash. In January, I joined Pat Sloan’s sew-along called “Home is”… I think I used every bit of my Tilda Fabrics scraps and FQ’s that I’m not using for Harriet’s Journey. It’s really a soft color quilt and outside my norm but I really like it. I made several changes to Pat’s blocks but the layout is her pattern…. Now, I just need to find some backing…

We are in the Northwest and experiencing record breaking highs, too. We hit 107 today so I work outside in the early hours and sew the rest of the day. These highs will last for the next 10 days…Lordy…

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