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Julienm1 08-17-2021 02:06 PM

Looked at the last tub of fabric. All floral. Forgot it was hiding and then found ANOTHER tub. 2nd tub can wait. Went thru the floral and OMG where did these come from. All kinda muddy. So gonna drag a tote to the meeting on Thurs and leave RIGHT AWAY to avoid temptation.

For the past week have not bought anything. Thank heavens what was on sale on my fab sites I didn't like. PHEW!!!...lol But tomorrow is another day. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/wink.png

Iceblossom 08-17-2021 03:45 PM

Am enjoying the reports! Keep at it all.

Initial consultation with the stereo guy is basically what I thought -- he won't know until he gets into it if anything else is wrong, but yeah, we looking about about $100 -- 80 labor/20 parts. One of the ladies at group said "400 CDs?? isn't that a bit overkill??" but I think I have about 500 of my own and the hubby has another 100 not in my collection... I'll get to play a very real game of top 100 albums when setting up the player even if I can't go all the way to 500.

All I can say is I was a lot stronger 20 years ago when I moved the television in... don't think I could get it out of the house on my own, all I could do to get it out of the entertainment center. That CD player is bulky but not too heavy empty. It will be a force to be reckoned with when full. Maybe even enough to seriously look at other furniture options now.

I got my frog+star blocks pinned today at group, but am going to help friend again tomorrow -- then that's all for this week so maybe a little more time for me and my fabric.

oksewglad 08-17-2021 03:54 PM

Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 (Post 8502785)
Rff1010: Iím glad your machine is ready to go so you can start tackling your PIGS.

rryder: Sometimes we just need fabric therapy. I hope you are feeling better.

Iceblossom: Sounds like you have a good plan for getting your CD changer fixed.

petthefabric: Way to go with kitting up fabric and donating it. Will you be moving far?

I remembered to snap a picture of my Growing Up Odd quilt top. It was sandwiched by the church group and was in line to be tied in this picture.

Oh I enjoyed doing that quilt, too, Connie. My brother in law has mine; I used a dark navy for the sashes.

oksewglad 08-17-2021 04:05 PM

I put a quilt on the LA last week and pleased to say I'm sewing on the binding. Everything from the stash and it's a queen sized strippy quilt made with 3 inch 9P's. Hope to get pictures when finished.

Rff1010 08-18-2021 03:10 PM

Originally Posted by oksewglad (Post 8502810)
I put a quilt on the LA last week and pleased to say I'm sewing on the binding. Everything from the stash and it's a queen sized strippy quilt made with 3 inch 9P's. Hope to get pictures when finished.

Victory! It's do nice when you're *almost done*.

petthefabric 08-18-2021 04:02 PM

We're moving across the country; California to Florida.

Today the comfort quilt leader took over 30 quilts in different levels of finished; needs label, needs binding, needs quilting, needs piecing. We averaged 6 yd/quilt so over 180 yds. She's doing some counting on them so I'll have a better idea.
There are emply spots in the room now.

Next week we're going to do a work day to make pillow case kits.

May the downsizing continue.

retiredteacher09 08-18-2021 05:08 PM

Thanks, oksewglad! Great progress on your strippy quilt.

petthefabric: Wow! You are moving a long ways. Will you be closer to your daughter? I canít remember where she moved. 🤷‍♀️ Wahoo to empty spots in the room.

Motorcyclemad 08-19-2021 09:03 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I got three more flimsies done last week. A couple of cascading diagonals and one Around-the World. Yay, for me! https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/smile.png

The lump under my ATW is my Inspector (my avatar) https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/tongue.png He wouldn't move.

petthefabric 08-19-2021 10:55 AM

We plan to be within 5 miles of her.

retiredteacher09 08-19-2021 04:15 PM

Motorcyclemad: Awesome flimsies! Congratulations on getting those tops finished.

petthefabric: Awesome to moving so close to your daughter. ❤️

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