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QuiltingVagabond 11-07-2019 06:18 AM

I'm heading out soon for a lunch with a group of ladies who all love Bonnie's mysteries. There will be a sewing day once Clue 1 is released and another get together sometime after the final reveal. So much fun to have a group to do the mystery with! They call themselves Bonniacs - Ladies of Mystery!

SusieQOH 11-07-2019 06:35 AM

Thanks, Sandra!! I may need some help but I know I can count on my quilting board buddies :)

PamelaOry 11-07-2019 07:53 AM

Just an FYI. We have a Sherwin williams store here and they had the colors as well although my paint chips are a slightly different shape/size. They are the same names/numbers.

KalamaQuilts 11-07-2019 08:10 AM

I'm sure that is why she identifies which brand she gets at Lowe's. We were traveling last year and I got mine at a regular Sherwin Williams store. The gentleman who helped me was really interested in the whole reason why and went out of his way to help :)

I get the Eleanor Burns emails and this morning, although not identified at Frolic fabrics sure looked like them to me
(not sure how long this link will be good)
I expect if I include the email image of the bundle it would be removed, sorry.

SuziSew 11-07-2019 09:52 AM

Originally Posted by QuiltingVagabond (Post 8323985)
I'm heading out soon for a lunch with a group of ladies who all love Bonnie's mysteries. There will be a sewing day once Clue 1 is released and another get together sometime after the final reveal. So much fun to have a group to do the mystery with! They call themselves Bonniacs - Ladies of Mystery!

One of the LQS near me hosts a sew-a-long each Friday starting with the first clue. There's usually about 4 or 5 ladies, plus the shop owner. I've already scheduled the days off work! I haven's pulled any fabrics yet, been busy getting ready for 3 days of Bonnie in Shipshewana, should be sew much fun!

Iceblossom 11-07-2019 11:51 AM

Yesterday I did some bleach and tea dye processes on the green solid and a piece of solid yellow. Today I went to the dollar store and picked up things like rubber bands and cheap sponge and going to try some binder clips and paper clips in my processes! Also got some cheap vinegar to help set the tea and any natural elements I use. Don't know if it will stay in or not, but I think I'll get some basic beets and just cut some slices and let them soak up on some of the white before I dye it yellow.

Right next door is my local Joann so I picked up some Golden Yellow Rit dye, and a spray can of Tulip brand paint that is white... the spray can wasn't where the dye stuff is it was back in the markdown section but apparently it wasn't marked down in the computer, but I thought it would be fun and sometimes you need to lighten stuff back out after you've dyed it.

So now I'm sitting and waiting for the plumber, we are having a problem with water heater expansion tank and/or relief valve and I've had warm water going straight out of my house for the last couple of days. We turned the heater down and it isn't warm enough for my bath or to safely wash dishes, and I don't want to do extra laundry (ie, washing those fabrics) until the water loss is dealt with.

My fancy Bernina sewing computer is also acting up. Oh yeah, have a car issue going on. It will be good to have a project to keep me busy and not spending! Or at least I'm done spending now, Joann and Dollar store was a little over $20.

QuiltingNinaSue 11-07-2019 02:58 PM

Quilted twin.com from Dade, Fl., is now offering a Bonnie Hunter in batiks, slightly higher than the first one, but batiks don't fray is what I have been told. Ordered both so I can compare the colors in each one. Really need two, anyhow for each child that will inherit them. They sold out the first bundle in 25 minutes. Each to their own choices. Anxious to see the pictures as the clues and quilts grow on this site.

Sandra-P 11-08-2019 04:00 AM

Iceblossom, I am curious to know how it goes with your fabric dyeing and experiment. Dont you just know it, something acting up to keep you busy with something else other than our fun. Hope the water heater issue gets resolved. Quiltvagabond, how fortunate you are to have a group to do this with! I wish I did but there doesn't seem to be much interest in it at the quilt store I go to so I am on my own, except for the board here and reading what others are doing on Bonnie's site.

Iceblossom 11-08-2019 07:35 AM

Oh it's terrible news on the plumbing. My house was built in 1963 (it's younger than me, I wish to point out) and standards have changed a lot since then. When I first moved into the house only two outlets had been adapted to 3-prong, so I grounded the outlets and put in the 3-prong. My built-in wall oven is not standard to today's models in addition to being hardwired into the wall, no plug for it or the burner top. Cabinets are built in, not custom sizes, can't just take out a cabinet and put a new one in.

Anyway, the tank is about 8 years old, at the end of it's product life. We replaced the expansion tank but it didn't solve the problem, to get to where they think the problem is they have to pull out the heater. No guarantees that the heater would survive the move and/or how long it will last after the moving -- could be another 8 years (unlikely) it could be two weeks... The opening is very small, 18", the heater we put in there was the only one that fit at the time. There are no heaters rated for the size of house demand that will fit in the space (that is, we might be able to find something for a mobile home or RV). The only option in the space we have is to go tankless, his rough guess (and he isn't a tankless guy) is that would start somewhere about 6-10k and require venting into the attic crawlspace. We discussed other options, originally there was a half height tank in the "dead corner" in the kitchen -- not big enough for current standards.

So my quilter brain went into action, the most cost-effective option is to make the space we have larger, except that the water heater is between the masonry fireplace wall and the furnace. But we can build/frame out the space (it's a garage converted into a family room). It will be awkward as heck really and not ideal but we can have a nice 24" diameter circle big enough for many options and plumbing changes would be minimal since we are essentially going to the same location, yes connections will need to be changed out but no cutting out the concrete or super expensive stuff.

Sometimes it helps to have a background in construction. But the hubby isn't taking it well at all. He had budgeted it as a $300 repair and not a $3.5k one. But, a gal needs hot water to wash her hair and her fabric so we gotta do what we gotta do.

retiredteacher09 11-08-2019 06:16 PM

Iceblossom: That’s a bummer but it sounds like you may have a cheaper solution in building it out.

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