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tallchick 04-01-2020 11:07 AM

Originally Posted by joe'smom (Post 8374319)
There was Set A and Set B -- the two groups of units/pieces we ended up with. Set B should contain the pieces needed to construct those extra tri-colored geese.

Thanks Joe’smom, after walking away for a bit I came back and figured it out, just wish directions were a bit clearer, I can’t wait for this to be done!

origamigoldfish 04-08-2020 05:02 PM

I got the inner border put on my quilt finally, decided on a chevron pattern for the HST border. I am slowly piecing the HST together, but work has been crazy. I should have some free time in a few weeks to finally finish my top.

retiredteacher09 04-09-2020 05:12 PM

Way to go, origamigoldfish! Slow steps are better than none at all. 😊

QuiltingVagabond 04-12-2020 12:14 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Finished! Yay!

Iceblossom 04-12-2020 12:30 PM

Gorgeous! Love the border.

tallchick 04-12-2020 01:12 PM

Originally Posted by QuiltingVagabond (Post 8377147)
Finished! Yay!

Love it! Your colors are fantastic and your inner border is perfect! Congratulations on the finish!

Carol in WI 04-12-2020 01:30 PM

Congratulations - it is beautiful; I also love how you did the border.

retiredteacher09 04-12-2020 04:46 PM

Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

WMUTeach 04-12-2020 04:48 PM

Lovely, lovely work Worth all of the planning, cutting, piecing and frustrations. The end result is something to be proud of.

joe'smom 04-12-2020 08:30 PM

Beautiful, Quilting Vagabond! It's amazing the number of variations with the border, and this one is so pretty.

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