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  1. Grandma's Wheeler & Wilson No. 9 Treadle Sewing Machine - Bobbin!

    by , Today at 11:38 AM
    My hubby and I just drove to Topeka, Kansas to pick up my grandmothers treadle from my sister, who had been kind enough to bring it that far from Long Beach, CA. It is a coffin top, with a beautiful oak treadle cabinet, and I have spent the entire day researching its manufacture date, instruction manual, etc. I have just taken a peek at the bobbin, after watching several YouTube videos on threading the machine, but I am totally puzzled! I have never seen a sewing machine with an unremovable "cage" ...
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  2. S. Davis Cylinder Shuttle

    by , Today at 05:50 AM
    Hello! I have inherited this machine and am interested in knowing how old it is. Under the name S.Davis it says London. Instruction book also lists High st, Borough. S.E. as an address.
    The serial number is 114383. Cannot find date on anything. Beautiful wood case (with key) and some parts. Original manual as well.
    I do not sew so if anyone is interested, it is available.
  3. Which machine

    by , Yesterday at 07:10 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by dfm1050 View Post
    I am looking at purchasing a sewing/quilting machine. I am new to quilting, but in love with it. Have been doing some looking. Viking Sapphire 965Q, Janome 9400/Elna Excellence 980, or Brother VQ 3000.

    Which machine would you recommend and why. Which have the best features and bang for buck?
  4. Adding loops to top of quilt

    by , 07-25-2017 at 06:47 AM
    I have finished a wedding signature quilt. Now the bride wants me to add loops to the top for hanging. I've done that with a sleeve but not sure how to add loops so they look nice.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  5. I ruined my king size scrap quilt.

    by , 07-20-2017 at 12:01 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jane Quilter View Post
    I have been working on an oversize (125"x125") Jacobs ladder scrap quilt for 2 years. It has an intricate hand quilting pattern on it. I quilted as I went, having the quilt pre-divided into 25 smaller squares. Pencil was not showing up on the deep reds, so I switched to blue washable. Because of the intricate pattern, I was going thru 1 marker per block, and at $6.00 per pen x 25 it was getting pricey. So what did dumb Jane do? She tested frixion pens on samples that disappeared easily.
  6. New Fabric Shelves

    by , 07-18-2017 at 12:32 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by catsden View Post
    OMG, that is an awesome sewing room.
    Awesome shelving! Yes, you have your own fabric shop there.
  7. Longarm underside cam

    by , 07-18-2017 at 01:55 AM
    Being new to this blog, I would like to add my experience in NOT being able to see the underside of a quilt on a longarm.
    There was one request on here as to what kind of camera to use.

    What I found, that I just mounted last night, is called an Endoscope. The one I purchased from Amazon, has an Android connector and the camera has LED's, and a 15 foot cable. Then you download the free Endoscope APP and you are ready to go,
    Simply route the cable up to the top of the longarm, ...
  8. Quilting Laura Heine collage quilt

    by , 07-14-2017 at 05:48 PM
    Any suggestions on quilting the Laura Heine collage quilts. The flowers are fused, but do I have to quilt every edge? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  9. Strait cuts

    by , 07-08-2017 at 11:52 AM
    I am a new handicapped quilter and am in need of some help cutting my fabric. I can no longer stand to cut so that I am using the same amount of pressure from one end to the other( I cut 30 inches in length fold or I fold a yard into fourth's). I use a rotary cutter and find I have a wave in the middle of the strips. I also tried a rotary trimmer and was inconsistent in strait cuts because of the amount of play in the trimmer. I need help and or suggestions.
  10. Indignities of Ageing - Not for the Feint of Heart

    by , 07-08-2017 at 05:28 AM
    I have been busy but I can't post much, as the intended recipient of my recent efforts also reads this blog. But this post is a bit different.

    Yes we grow older, albeit at different rates but our mind is always caught off guard. This is a little tale of shopping....when your body is no longer.........the low side of 65.

    It was time to replace those two indispensable items of clothing. They're the ones you wear until they are practically rags. ...
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