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  1. HELP, the ink washed out of my label!

    by , 11-12-2011 at 04:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Denise S View Post
    I just made my first label on my printer with freezer paper. Just washed the quilt, and the writing was gone! Has that happened to any of you?

    I guess I will write on it with pigma pen....does that wash out??

    I am supposed to be gifting it to someone today.
  2. North Florida Fair Day

    by , 11-12-2011 at 04:44 AM (annthreecats ~~~my blissful crafting journey~~~)
    Wow, is it cool this morning. 26 degrees when I took the dog out at 4:00 a.m. That's pretty chilly for November12th here in North Florida. Had to put my jacket on over my robe.

    My DD is coming over later to discuss her Christmas sewing projects and make a list of materials she needs. Then we will head over to the North Florida Fair for funnel cakes and to see the exhibits. They have racing pigs which are really cute to watch. We also like to walk around and watch the kids ...
  3. Friday - What I learned today

    by , 11-11-2011 at 07:30 PM
    What did I learn today ? I learned that there is still so many misconceptions running rampant , that the truth may never see daylight again It is so sad when gullible people buy into falsehoods and then get dragged so deep into it , they start to believe it themselves and help propagate the mud slinging even when they know for a fact that what they have been told is not what they have seen with their own two eyes. I just want to scream REALLY !!!
  4. Photo Album created, pretty quilt pictures

    by , 11-11-2011 at 06:20 PM (MzzzQuilts aka Ellen)
    I was just experimenting with the "album" feature on the new board, and I made my first album. I just put some pictures of pretty quilts I've run across on the net. Take a peek if you'd like:
  5. You know you've got it bad when ...

    by , 11-11-2011 at 12:02 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingJaguar View Post
    I was in an elevator and the man in front of me had the neatest shirt on, I swear if I had scissors on me would have cut the back out for a quilt that came to my mind. (Does anyone know if they have sewing machines in jail)???
  6. bright colored star bursts

    by , 11-11-2011 at 11:38 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by kathy View Post
    I have fallen in love with most of the civil war reproduction fabrics i see, i'm working on my second quilt with them now

    well i could not locate those pictures! the ones i think i loaded are a new pattern i'm trying out
  7. Cover Plates for Various Singer Models

    by , 11-11-2011 at 09:21 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlee View Post
    Picot hemstitcher cover plate numbers:

    Class 15 machines take the 121388 plate, the attachment thumbscrew number is 51347A
    Class 66 (EXCEPT the 66-1 or 66-3) take the 121389 plate.
    Class 99 machines take plate number 121389
    Class 101 machines take plate number 121390
    Classes 127 and 128 takek 121391 (including screw number 202)
    Class 221 takes plate number 121392.

    They all take the same attachment thumb screw. The Singer part number for the
  8. Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Block Party - January 2012

    by , 11-11-2011 at 08:19 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltswithConvicts View Post
    Oh, Jan, your quilt is beautiful! I don't think I had ever seen it before. So glad you posted it now! What are you working on now?
  9. PC Quilter

    by , 11-11-2011 at 05:55 AM
    Has anyone used the pc quilter? I have been looking at it on line and as with everything you always have pros and cons. It appears to be what I need but I hate to buy something sight unseen. Any information on the pc quilter would be appreciated.
  10. Embroidery machine help

    by , 11-11-2011 at 05:14 AM
    I bought the Brother SE 400 so I could make labels mostly, but I can't get the letters small enough. I use the decrease button, but they are still larger than I want. Other designs are also very large. Can anyone help on this matter? Is there something wrong with this machine or any suggestions on how to get smaller patterns? All help appreciated!
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