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  1. Hello from Alaska!

    by , 09-09-2014 at 04:06 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by sewpippy View Post
    I have been quilting and sewing all my life which must be over 100 years as my oldest grandson says, but am not a joiner - so thought I would give an on-line group a try.
  2. More Quilted Potholders

    by , 09-07-2014 at 10:24 AM (Angelia's Quilts)
    10.5" diameter

    Layers: Outside fabric, flannel, Insulbrite, flannel, outside fabric
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  3. Tired of repeating the same block

    by , 09-07-2014 at 04:17 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by ube quilting View Post
    I would also suggest tying a scrappy quilt. A spider web is a great way to use hundreds of fabrics and never feel like you made the same block twice.

    A scrappy Jacobs Ladder is another awesome scrap quilt. It might be made from HSTs but when every one of them is different, I never get tired of choosing fabric for the simple block.

    Barn Raising is another HST block but with many fabrics it never gets tired.

    When I make these scrappy quilts I work one block
  4. Help me identify this sewing machine please (urgent)

    by , 09-06-2014 at 09:47 PM
    I found an industrial sewing machine with a very low price. The seller tells me that it is a DURKOPP Adler and goes on giving me photos, model no as well as a serial number. However I couldn't find any machine which goes by that name matching the mentioned model. The limited information on the net makes me believe that it is rather a RICCAR make please help me!

    I am in urgent need of an industrial sewing machine and I don't want to make a mistake, given my limited resources... ...

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  5. Tie Burst Quilt help

    by , 09-01-2014 at 11:00 AM
    I am new to the forum but here goes ...

    I am helping a special friend make a quilt for her deceased father ... We looked around online and found an amazing one on here, Tie Burst I believe it was labeled. It was so amazing. I am new to quilting and am wondering if anyone can help me find some sort of pattern or instructions. Thanks a lot for any help you can give!

  6. Can we list sewing/embroidery machines for sale on this site

    by , 09-01-2014 at 09:22 AM
    Hi I'm new, and i was wondering if i could list a sewing/embroidery machine on this message board.
  7. For those of us who hate rules :-)

    by , 08-31-2014 at 10:59 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Roberta View Post

    Hope it opens for you and that you enjoy watching.
  8. Just a funny picture that I thought I would share.

    by , 08-31-2014 at 08:46 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by TnBecky View Post
    I wonder how many husbands would agree with this. LOL.
    Name:  Fabric store.jpg
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  9. amount of yardage to buy?

    by , 08-27-2014 at 06:39 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by ckcowl View Post
    It depends on what size 1/2 square triangles you plan to make and what size quilt you plan to make. In the tutorial they use a layer cake - which is 10" squares, so, after making your triangle squares & trimming, squaring them up you probably have 8 1/2" squares ; 8" finished.... So, 20 squares ( 4 across X 5 down) would make it 32" x 40" and takes 20 (10") squares... In a yard of fabric (36" X 42") you can cut 12 (10") squares (3 across X 4 ) so,
  10. Skipped stitches on longarm frame using Janome 1600P

    by , 08-26-2014 at 04:52 PM
    I am using SR2 longarm frame with Janome 1600P machine and get skipped stitches (was working fine). Could it be the thread? I'm using star thread , 100% cotton fabric with warm and natural batting. Organ 90/14 DP needle. What would you suggest?
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