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I'll ask my hubby for his recipe for fizzy, hard cider and post it soon.

As for plain cider, that's easy. Do you have a power juicer? That's what I use. Mine is something like this one:https://www.breville.com/us/en/produ...rs/bje430.html I really like Breville juicers. They last a long time. This is my second one.

If you already have one, ya just pop the apples in the top, a few at a time and it will grind up the apples, spit out the ground pulp at one end and the juice at the other end. That's it. You don't need to add a thing. Just keep it in the fridge to avoid spoilage.

You can also do it with a press, which can be a hand cranked device, or a power one that slowly squeezes the apples. Our community has a big press that they offer up to the neighbors to use once a year. Everyone brings their apples and some gallon jugs and they have a pressing party. I've never gone to one of their to-dos, but it sounds like fun.
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Apple butter is wonderful! The best stuff is applesauce cooked down until it is concentrated. I use the oven to do this and bake it at a low temp until at least 40- 50 percent of the volume is gone, after that, I add sugar and cinnamon to taste. Some add ginger and a touch of nutmeg, as well . I just love apples and cinnamon! My kids love the apple butter. It also makes great Christmas presents or Thanksgiving hostess gifts, etc. I can mine after and put decorative fabric lid covers on them.

‘’however you use them, congratulations on using up so much already.
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I was also thinking hard cider. https://andhereweare.net/how-to-make...-whole-apples/
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