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Frozen Pie Preparation Directions

Frozen Pie Preparation Directions

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Originally Posted by illinois View Post
Are there really people so inclined that they need specific instructions? Gonna sit in the freezer to eat this pie?
I am increasingly disappointed with my new washer that I can't even chose how much water a load needs. And the lid locks until the spin cycle is absolutely done. I suppose somebody stuck their arm in there and got it twisted off?? Electronics--one more thing to go wrong. And no doubt, expensive to repair!
I suppose this thing of invention of the car that drives itself goes along with this "dumbing up " of people. Crazy! If a person can't drive the car, should they really be sitting in the driver's seat?
If you are so inclined and handy or have a handy person available you can google a work around to the locking feature.
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The lid lock is easy to disconnect. I did it quick and simple, it's on youtube how to do it for different washer brands. I wash small loads on deep fill. That fills about half full. Bulky items/sheets will fill full. I wash larger loads using that cycle. Hot water temp isn't hot water at all, it mixes cold with it to keep it from being hot. I fixed that by turning off the cold water when filling with hot water when I need hot water wash and turn it back on for the rinse cycle. Another rant, why cold rinse water and no choice? I like warm water or hot water rinse. The only thing I like about the new washers is the no agitator. No strings on fabric to untangle.

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As for the washing machine issue...just put it on Pause and it should unlock. Sometimes I have to press down firmly on the lid to get the unlock feature to work properly.
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My washer the pause selection didn't unlock and if not re started, it would start draining the tub, spin and then unlock. Hard to find this out before buying. Ugh.
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Under Huh?, my banks drive up ATM has instructions in Braile
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My son's favorite sign when he was learning to drive, "Do not pass if opposing traffic is present."
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