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Need recipe for a no salt added barbeque sauce

Need recipe for a no salt added barbeque sauce

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Default Need recipe for a no salt added barbeque sauce

My husband is on a low salt diet. Our favorite take out restaurant does not have the sodium in their sauce listed as they only have two sites. So I'm on the hunt for a recipe for sauce that is low in sodium! Does anyone have a favorite?
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Hi Penny,

My husband recently had to go on low salt diet. I've had to reduce the salt in all his favorite foods. At first he really complained about the lack of taste, but after 3 weeks, his brain/perception finally changed.

So, as for his favorite BBQ sauce. I eliminated any added salt. Then all the products I bought, I found low salt or no salt added. So, for the katsup, I went to the diabetic section and natural foods section and found a low sugar (for me) and low salt for him. Same thing with tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, etc.

I am amazed at how many grams of salt I eliminated from the BBQ sauces original recipe. And like I said, after a few weeks, he still loves his favorite BBQ sauce recipe

I hope this helps a bit.
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Dill is a good substitute for salt. Sometimes you can find the fine grain dill. we use the unsalted butter and have noticed a big difference. You get used to it. when I make a meatloaf I use ground beef and Jimmy Dean's regular sausage (it already is seasoned) No need for more seasoning and you add your other ingredients. I've added shredded carrots and diced celery. Fresh tomato diced unsalted crackers or bread crumbs. Lots of different things.
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I am on a no salt/low salt diet. I found something very interesting. I will buy the spaghetti sauce with the least amount of salt and then serve the spaghetti with 1/4C of sauce per serving. That holds down the salt. A person needs salt in their body and I find other things to enjoy without salt, like Hersheys dark chocolate (NO SALT), hint of salt Ritz (1% salt per 5 crackers) and load that with veggies or white cheese (low salt). Trader Joe's has stuff that is low in salt. You have to look though. I steer clear of any and all packaged lunch meat. It is loaded. No ham, no bacon. Bacon sounds so good to me, but I haven't had any for over a year now. Hasn't killed me. I have lost weight, feel super great and this is all because I was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Atrial Fibrillation, Congestive Heart
Failure, High Blood Pressure. I can't shovel snow anymore and I can't mow the bank, but I can mow level ground, I can't lift more than 20 lbs, but I feel so good and I have fun fixing meals without salt. I threw out the salt, donated the canned goods, make my own tomato juice - delicious. My doctor says that I can splurge once in a while, like pizza, shrimp (I eat a lot of shrimp and cocktail sauce - that's ok, but not deep fried), Today I am going out for pizza. But then I will have absolivly-positootly no salt for a few days. Fruit and veggies and chocolate!!!!!! There is no salt in Wine. One glass before dinner. The one thing I cannot tolerate is unsalted butter. Tastes too much like lard to me and the cardiologist said that if I use it sparingly, I can have regular salt. That is my only sin!

I wish you good luck with your cooking and improvising and making something really good that you can serve again and again.

Hunts has no salt tomato sauce. Hunts has no salt catsup (not bad at all) Make your own French Fries! You could probably use the tomato sauce and catsup and make a spaghetti sauce, too! I also found that Ramen noodles are good for spaghetti - just throw away the spice packet......also Mrs. Dash has a salt free - all natural sloppy joe mix(I haven't tried it yet, though!) I use Dorothy Lynch Home Style dressing - 7% salt per 2T - Not too bad for a salad and you can add a little water to it and throw in pieces of white cheese, some pieces of chicken breast, and every kind of veggie you can imagine.

Good luck to you and your husband. Always say no salt at a restaurant. I have found that Burger King does not salt anything (meat, French fries, but anything that is prepared like chicken nuggets has salt, they just don't add salt to it. I find that a lot of restaurants don't salt anymore. That's Good! Edie

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My dad had to go on a salt-free diet back in the 70's, if he saw anyone with a salt shaker he would say, "Poison, pure poison." He wouldn't say it to the person but to us. So I started cooking without salt back then. But it was really due to the fact if you ate as much as I would put on my food many people wouldn't be able to eat it. We grew up salting food before even tasting it. Certain times it is the chemistry in the item that needs the salt like when you are baking, but making tomato sauce there is so much natural salt it doesn't need to be added. I don't put it in water when boiling pasta, and never on vegetables while cooking.
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We've been on a low salt diet for several years so we don't miss salt. My doctor told me that my blood was a little low on sodium. I told him that that is because I cook for a man who is on a low salt diet. He recently was in the hospital as the salt in his blood got too low, so I'm having to write down everything he eats and drinks to keep it balanced now that he's home.

I just made meals fresh without sauces, but some things I don't want to make from scratch, like ketchup and spaghetti sauce, mustard, mayo, and I can't find low salt/no salt versions in my local stores for those things. I did find low salt panko, peanut butter, bread, and canned tomatoes... had to go to three stores to find that! I'll have to start looking at health food stores as suggested.

I did find that things that are "low salt," like some breads simply cut the bread slices thinner. So that automatically reduced the salt "in a slice." Other things list serving sizes simply as 1/4 tsp so it becomes low salt again simply by reducing the size of a serving. This makes me crazy.

I bought several cook books. A lot of them require that you premake some seasoning or sauce for a particular recipe and they provide the recipe for in the book. That makes me crazy too. I'd like it better if they would just tell me something I can buy in the store to use. Cooking is taking up way too much of the day.

As our population gets older, I suppose there will be more of a demand for items to meet certain health needs, but in the meantime I'm trying to revise the recipes I do have to get the sodium down even more. I can't imagine ever going out to our favorite restaurants again and that makes me sad.

I do have two recipes that I make frequently...blueberries, onions, pork, vinegar, sherry with the only sodium in the pork. Also a chicken salad, chicken, apple, pecans, avocado, 1 TB mayo, and a lettuce leaf. Chicken is low in sodium and the amount and type of mayo used controls the amount of sodium.
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I can highly recommend a wonderful cookbook...it has become my bible.

" The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook" . Written by Donald A. Gazzaniga and endorsed by Dr. Michael Fowler who is the director of the Stanford Heart Transplant Program.

It covers what to look for in pre-packaged foods, where to purchase items like spices, and how to substituted other products. Very comprehensive book, extensive lists of sodium foods....many I was surprised to see. Who knew sodium is added to almost every item on the store shelves? Why???? (I know, sodium is a preservative, but in my iced tea?)

This book has the best recipes! I found a BBQ sauce that is better than my favorite "Sweet Baby Ray's"! And the spaghetti sauce was really good, after I tweaked the garlic and herb combo. I am working on making breads and I want to try making hamburger buns. I want to have a burger on the grill so bad! (97% lean, low sodium cheese, mmmmm!) Only once-in-a-while treat.

My husband's cardiologist looked over the book, then asked me where he could buy one or two copies to keep in his office.
My best friend got it for me on Amazon, not sure of the price....but well worth every penny.
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