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tropit 07-02-2021 11:40 AM

Imported Recipes That We've Adulterated
I was making lunch today, Chinese Chicken Salad, and I was reminded on how North Americans take a recipe from a foreign land and make it their own. Not that that is always a bad thing. We just take a recipe and tweak it to make use of our own, local ingredients, or to suit our own, American tastes.

After all, Chinese Chicken Salad is not actually Chinese, but it's still pretty good. And what about Chop Suey? It's not a Chinese dish at all, but an American dish made up to appeal to the adventurous eaters. Remember when Chow Mein came only with crispy, fried noodles, even though in China, they use soft noodles? Hey, if it's fried it must be good.

I remember going to a rural town in Washington in 1980 and they had a Mexican restaurant there. Being a California girl, I had to try it. They served food that I didn't recognize. It was terrible! Even the burrito was messed up. I won't even go into Taco Bell's recipes. Sometimes we do miss the mark.

What other foods can you think of that we have changed and made our own? Got any recipes?

Iceblossom 07-02-2021 12:02 PM

So many things with Asian foods being Americanized! Golden or Showering Rama (chicken with peanut sauce over spinach) isn't "real" either. Or fortune cookies.

Probably the biggest thing I can think of is American Pizza. Is it's own thing and not only that but several major/often regional variations. Personally, I love them all. I tend towards thin crust but not crisp. Pineapple is a perfectly acceptable topping choice :) as are anchovies, but when I have the 'chovies I prefer a thicker crust.

QuiltE 07-02-2021 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by tropit (Post 8494290)
I was making lunch today, Chinese Chicken Salad...........Got any recipes?

Oh please do share!!!
After posting my non-chicken Chinese Rice Salad in the other thread, I am totally curious as to yours.
Please?? Thanks!!

Not sure which of my other recipes have a national twist?
Of course, all of the Italian pastas and such would qualify.
Need to think of what else are spin-offs.

ptquilts 07-04-2021 03:56 AM

Crab Rangoon - pretty sure cream cheese was not a traditional part of Asian cuisine. I do love them, though!!

cashs_mom 07-04-2021 06:03 PM

I think all people do that, not just Americans. When I was in Paris they had some American food on menus that really wasn't. I remember the "milk shake" that was more like a big glass of flavored milk. I kept thinking where is the ice cream??

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