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Julienm1 02-06-2021 08:20 AM

Something fun for breakfast!

Similar to bread pudding.

tropit 02-06-2021 04:14 PM

Originally Posted by Julienm1 (Post 8458780)

Yummm...I won't ask how many WW points that is...Gawd...I was not on track today.

Julienm1 02-06-2021 04:27 PM

Sorry can't help RE WW points. Our coach fell off the wagon BIG time and we all told her...well tomorrow is a new day and stay off the scale! Hang in there buddy!~

pocoellie 02-06-2021 04:43 PM

That sounds absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julienm1 02-06-2021 04:51 PM

It was. Serves 4 so both of us had two servings today. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

SusieQOH 02-06-2021 06:53 PM

That looks amazing!

sewingpup 02-07-2021 07:58 AM

Originally Posted by Julienm1 (Post 8458780)

looks nummy My mom used to make bread pudding all the time....she usually put raisins in it...sometimes she also made it with left over rice and called it ta da...rice pudding. I made my usual recipe for banana bread....but cut the sugar down, added a cup of chopped walnuts instead of the 1/4 cup the recipe called for, and added about 3/4 -1 cup of frozen blueberries....I tell myself it is more healthy that way....still packs a bunch of WW points though. Oh, the dough looks a funny color with the partially thawed bludeberries....but bakes up just fine.

Watson 02-07-2021 08:37 AM

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It was amazing! I made it this morning as soon as I saw the recipe. Very tasty.
At first I thought I couldn't because I had no croissants, but then I remembered that I had frozen some from the last time I bought a bulk pack, so.....voila!
(I couldn't get to it to take a picture before my family did)


Julienm1 02-07-2021 08:49 AM

We have some Rhodes frozen cin rolls that next time will bake, cool, and use them instead of croissants. Saturday can't come fast enough!

costumegirl 02-07-2021 12:03 PM

Mmmm Sounds yummy!! Can hardly wait to try!! I noticed that she has some other breakfast recipes that look good - Thanks for sharing!

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