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Fabricgator 09-01-2021 04:12 PM

Vacuum food sealer - which to get?
Hi, all! I think I want a vacuum sealer for food, but have no idea what to get, so I'm reaching out to you! Are they worthwhile? Which do you recommend and why? How often do you use it?

Thanks for your input!

ctrysass2012 09-01-2021 06:28 PM

I've been looking at these also. My SIS has vac sealed many bags of beans & it looks like a great way to preserve food.I'm going to check my local hardware tomorrow.

osewme 09-01-2021 07:30 PM

I have the Food Saver brand & I love it & use it all the time. Last year (2020) when food started to become such a shortage we stocked up on ground beef & I vacuum sealed all of it & am still using it right now. There's no freezer burn on any of it & it's still as fresh & pink as it was when I sealed it. These machines preserve food for a very long time. The bags are expensive but I've learned that I can re-use a lot of my bags by washing them when I'm done & storing things in the used bags. Sometimes they don't seal as well, but I still use them just like I would a zip bag. You really don't need one with all the bells & whistles. Mine will seal jars but I've never used that feature. I plan to buy another one as I've had this one for several years & I know prices will be going up & I don't want to be caught without one. I want to get another microwave sometime soon also (for a spare).
When I have too many eggs, I even vaccum seal them. I crack the egg & stir it up a bit to mix the yolk & white. Then I pour the egg in a little small container & freeze it first. After it's frozen, I take it out of the container I froze it in & vaccum seal it with my food saver & I have frozen eggs for recipes like cookies, cakes, & even breakfast omlettes. Anything that is "liquidy" can be frozen in a regular container first & then vaccum sealed after it is frozen solid.

Fabricgator 09-01-2021 07:34 PM

osewme, which Food Saver do you have?

Evy 09-02-2021 02:43 AM

I also have the Food Saver Brand, V4800. Have had it for about 6 years and love it. I use mine also to reseal bags of chips and the plastic bags of frozen foods. I bought less expensive bags on Amazon and even though they are lighter weight they work perfectly. If I could buy a second one I would try to find one that opens to you lay the bag on the sealing rod instead of sliding it in the slot.. Had one years ago and not sure they even make that model any longer.

Watson 09-02-2021 03:04 AM

I have a Food Saver, too. Not sure of the model, but the top opens on a hinge so you can lay the edge of the bag on it and then close the top to seal and suck out all the air. It also has a hose to suck out air, but I've never used that.
I also bought bags off of Amazon and they are working great and are a lot cheaper, plus they come in 3 different sizes, per box.
I never thought of freezing liquids before I vacuum packed them, I just figured you couldn't do it. Thanks for the tip!
My husband uses it a lot for camping food because he can vacuum pack things to make them small and then cook stuff right in the bag in a pot of water.


jmoore 09-02-2021 04:27 AM

I have a FoodSaver as well. I have had mine a couple of years and use it all the time.

Onebyone 09-02-2021 04:42 AM

I have the food saver one. It stays on my countertop and I use it reseal packages as much as for freezing and storing food. Mine is over five years old and still working fine. The bags are easy to find at Walmart or order online. It cam with the vacuum jar accessory but I have never used that.

SusieQOH 09-02-2021 05:23 AM

My husband uses one all the time and just replaced his old one. It's a Food Saver.

Snooze2978 09-02-2021 05:36 AM

I had one years ago when they first came out. They're great unless you need to reseal the bag numerous times then the bag continues to get smaller. What I do and it's probably not the great but works for me. I take a plastic straw, close the freezer bag all but about an inch at one end, put the straw in down deep and suck out the air. Close the bag up quickly. Has been working for me for a couple of years now as I freeze my green beans and berries plus whatever sale from the grocery store after cutting it down to fit my needs. I also read as I was interested in Sous Vide recipes how I could seal a bag and get all the air out. They said to lower the bag into water slowly and the air would be pushed out of the top as you lowered it. Then close the bag without getting any water into it. Sounds like a good idea to try for me at least.

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