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Quilt Tools From Common Household Items

A quick and easy light box

Items you'll need to make the quick and easy light box. Some of these items you'll already have around the house.

A child's plastic step stool -- you know the kind that has four legs and sort of reminds you of a very small table -- these are available at discount and even "dollar" stores.

A florescent "light stick" -- 18" long -- available at hardware and discount stores.

A 12" x 18" piece of 1/8" thick Plexiglas -- available at hardware and discount stores -- they'll usually cut it for you.

A 12" x 18" piece of clear but frosty self-adhesive shelf paper -- this is optional -- place it on the Plexiglas to diffuse the light when tracing.

I bought everything for about $10.

Now turn the step stool upside down --...

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