• Pinwheels in Motion Quilt Block

    Pinwheels in Motion Quilt Block
    by Rhonda Woodsmall

    This block is made with my cut down method

    I am going to show you how easy it is to make this quilt block.

    For beginners to experts.

    Pinwheels in Motion

    The amount of fabric needed will depend on the size of your quilt block.

    You will need:
    - a template
    - light purple fabric
    - gold fabric
    - med purple fabric
    - med brown fabric
    - dark brown fabric

    The size template you will need is shown below for the various sizes of quilt blocks:

    Quilt Block = Template
    12 1/2" quilt block = 3 1/2"
    10 1/2" quilt block = 3"
    8 1/2" quilt block = 2 1/2"
    6 1/2" quilt block = 2"

    If you need a template of have a question, then e-mail Rhonda at [email protected] or send her a private message via the Quilting Board.

    Block Layout

    Caption: Half Square, Boston Block, Boston Block

    The cut down method is pretty easy.

    You cut swatches of fabric. You sew them together according to the block directions and then you cut out a square from the center which creates a "Block" or unit.

    In this quilt block we are using HSTs or half square triangle blocks for the 4 corners and the other 12 blocks are called Boston Blocks. You can find the directions for making these blocks here on my free teaching web site:


    And the directions for making HSTs are here:


    After you have made your HSTs and Boston Blocks then you need to lay them out as you see them in the layout diagram above. Then sew the blocks together into rows and sew the rows together into your quilt block. It's so easy! And you get great looks with easy steps!

    Pay attention to accuracy as you sew the blocks together for a better look to your quilt block. Enjoy!

    • • •

    About the author:

    Rhonda has been a quilter for 30 years. She writes tutorials for the Quilted Paradise Newsletter and is a member of the Quilting Message Board. She offers templates in hard-to-find sizes that will help you make beautiful miniatures or full-size quilt blocks. She authored the following e-books: Playing with Boston Blocks, Dresden Kaleidoscopes, Star Point Blocks, The Wings Block. Be sure to check them out, you won't be disappointed.
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