• Bed Quilts, Blocks and Borders using the Wings Block

    Today, I present to you an e-book called "Bed Quilts, Blocks and Borders using the Wings Block" by Rhonda Woodsmall.

    Rhonda Woodsmall,
    The author of the
    Wings Block guide,
    Quilter for 30 years

    As the title implies, the e-book not only covers the technique for making wing blocks, but also shows you how to create a full size quilt and offers some quilt border options and more. .

    Once you master the Wings block, you can use it to create the following items: Bed Quilts, Tote Bags, Doilies, Wall Hangings, Purses, Hot Pads, Table Runners, Coin Purses, Coasters, Lap Quilts, Checkbook Covers, Key Chains, Baby Quilts, Eyeglass Cases, Magnets, Doll Quilts, Billfolds, Trivets, Dresser Scarves, Credit Card Holders, Book Covers, Tablecloth, Roman Shades, Pillows, Table Toppers, Curtains, Clothing (jackets or vests, etc.), Cell Phone Cases, Makeup bags, and much more.

    What's a Wings block?

    Wings block has a unique look. When finished, it creates an illusion of curves. With the four sections in this block you'll be able to create more intricate-looking designs. Finished designs look much more complex than the actual amount of effort you need to put into making them. That's what makes the Wings block technique so valuable.

    As a matter of fact, here is a statement directly from Rhonda about the Wings block:
    You don't have to have any designing skills - these blocks will do the job for you. Just choose your colors and make the blocks and start turning them and you will see beautiful designs happening in front of you. These are addictive!! With a few simple steps to make each block you can have incredible designs at your fingertips. Because this block has 4 sections (in each block) the color possibilities are endless! Just sew the wing blocks together into a quilt block and you are ready to make a full size quilt or other project.
    Here are a few pictures of some of the Wings block designs listed in the e-book:

    After covering the making of the Wings block, the e-book shows you how to use these Wing Blocks to make quilt blocks for making full size quilts or any project you'd like.

    Rhonda also included an alternative approach to cutting wing blocks, presented by her friend Jan Turner. So you can compare the two different ways of doing it and pick the one that you prefer. Jan shares her experiences of working with the Wing Blocks and walks you through the steps she took to create a beautiful lap quilt.

    In addition, she had another friend, Suzi, jump in and show you how to make miniature items, such as bookmarks.

    All in all, you get to learn from three experienced quilters when reading this e-book.

    You'll also find Rhonda's version of a Medallion quilt. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

    Rhonda also included a chapter explaining what to do with the remaining scraps after you cut your Wing blocks. She shows you the blocks you can make with the "other half" of fabric. This way, you won't waste any fabric.
    Here are some screenshots straight from the e-book, showing you the level of detail of Rhonda's instructions:

    This e-book is offered in two editions: basic and extended.

    If you are only interested in learning how to piece blocks using the Wings Block method, then you can try the basic edition.

    If, on the other hand, you would like to get a variety of patterns to use for the wings block (in addition to learning the wings block technique), then you should get the extended edition.

    Here is an overview between the basic and extended editions of the e-book so that you can see which one is more appropriate for you:

    Wings Block technique
    Free template from Rhonda
    Block size and layout table
    Making a bed quilt
    Making borders
    Bonus quilt designs by Rhonda
    3 designs
    7 designs
    Medallion Quilt design (Rhonda's version)
    2x2 block designs
    4x4 block designs
    6x6 block designs
    Designs for blocks made with remaining fabric
    Miniatures using the Wings Block
    Layouts for Suzy's quilt blocks
    Bookmark designs
    Ideas for borders
    2 designs
    8 designs
    Total number of pages
    Total number of images
    File size
    3.28 MB
    7.97 MB

    Because it's an electronic book (e-book), you will download it right away -- there is no shipping cost and no need to wait for it to be delivered. And if you ever lose the e-book file, you can re-download it again without additional charges.

    The order process is completely automated and works 24/7. So you can download the e-book instantly, no matter what time of day or day of week it is. Everything is processed in real-time.

    Once you download the e-book onto your computer, you can read it on the screen and even print it out. It's all up to you.

    Another benefit of using e-books is that it's actually cheaper to print out an e-book (in cost of ink used by your printer) than it would cost for you to pay for the shipping when ordering a regular book. So you win here as well.

    And since you can read the e-book on the screen before deciding if you want to print it out, your cost of delivery could effectively be $0.

    Wing Blocks e-book is not offered anywhere else -- neither in bookstores nor on other websites. This is an exclusive offer. And this is your only chance to get it for only $24.95. Order your copy now, so that you don't miss out on this amazing technique that will make you a better quilter.

    Additionally, when you order the e-book, you automatically get all future updates for free. So if Rhonda ever changes something in the e-book or adds more instructions or illustrations, you'll be notified and get the updated copy without any additional charges. You'll be kept up-to-date even when the introductory period ends and the price of the e-book goes up. Order right now, and you'll never have to overpay.
    Click below to order
    "Bed Quilts, Blocks and Borders using the Wings Block"
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    To make sure that you don't have any doubts about this e-book -- "Is it something I need?", "Will it really help me?", "Will my quilting really improve?", and any other concerns -- I'm offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. I want you to feel safe when ordering it, so the guarantee is valid for two months from the moment you order your copy.

    This gives you plenty of time, not just to read it, but to master the technique and to try all the designs and projects. You'll be able to experiment all you want and really see the results of your newly acquired skills long before the refund deadline expires.

    And if for some reason you don't like this e-book, just contact me, and I'll refund your money right away and without any questions. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
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