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    Today, I present to you a tutorial called How to Make a Doll Quilt by Michele Lancaster. Michele is a regular on our quilting message board (her user ID is Chele), so you've probably seen some of her work. And even more likely you've seen the doll quilt swaps that she runs for everyone who wants to participate.

    Here are some pictures of Michele's doll quilts to help you visualize what I'm talking about:

    Michele has not only made plenty of doll quilts herself, but had observed even more others' doll quilts while organizing and managing the swaps run for the members of our message board.

    Below, I'm posting a short Q&A session with Michele so you can discover more about the doll quilts in general and about the How to Make a Doll Quilt e-book in particular. You get to read it straight from the source.
    Q: Why would anyone want to make a doll quilt?

    A: Doll quilts don't require a lot of time or fabric investment. Plus, you can practice techniques you aren't familiar with. It's just a doll quilt after all! It's supposed to be fun!

    It's a perfect starter project for anyone who is learning to quilt, because you can mess up your alignments, but still end up with a perfect doll quilt. (more on this later)
    Q: What kind of practical use can I get out of doll quilts? Use them as....?

    A: These smaller quilts can be used as table toppers, wall hangings, pieces of art, decoration, hot pads for your tables and counter tops, and anywhere you need a little splash of color.
    Q: How hard is it to make a doll quilt? Are you sure I'll be able to complete the project?

    A: Of course! Anyone can make a doll quilt. It's a no-brainer. Just sew! And don't stress over matching seams or prints -- with a doll quilt it's not necessary. Doll quilts should have character, so a mismatched seam is a requirement. Even if you have to fake it!
    Q: Do I need any special templates or other (expensive) tools? Or can it be done with just the stuff any regular quilter already has?

    A: Making a doll quilt doesn't require any special templates or equipment. It's definitely easier with basic quilting tools, but you can even swing it with only a straight edge and scissors! Our ancestors quilted beautifully with no fancy tools. You can do that too!

    So if you have a ruler and scissors (or a rotary cutter), then you have all that you need to finish the project.
    Q: Can I make them as gifts? Are they unique? Will people like them?

    A: Doll quilts make great gifts! Believe me, your non-sewing friends will be amazed at your creation. Make them a quilt in their favorite colors. Or choose a funny novelty fabric that describes them. Your thoughtfulness will be very appreciated.
    Q: How much time and effort do I need to put in to make a doll quilt?

    A: It really depends on how fast you sew. Some will bang out a little quilt in an hour. Others will take time obsessing over fabric choices. Don't time yourself, just enjoy the process.
    Q: Can I sell doll quilts and make some money? Is it easier to make doll quilts for sale than other kinds of quilts?

    A: Sure you can sell your quilts! I consider these little things pieces of art! If you can bear to part with your creation, I'd suggest craft fairs, etsy.com, eBay, and other venues that recognize the work that goes into creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Doll size quilts may actually bring in more money than traditional quilts if you factor in cost of material, time, etc.
    Q: What makes "How to Make a Doll Quilt" different from other guides out there?

    A: I'm a relatively new quilter, so I still remember what it's like to be a complete newbie.

    I also believe that it's always better to "over-explain" something than to "under-explain" it. Because when reading a guide, if some step is explained "too well" for your skill level, then you can always skip over. But when something isn't explained well enough, then we have a problem. It's common sense, yet many seasoned experts forget about it. They often write assuming their readers have a skill level that is close to their own. I'm sure you've seen tutorials where individual steps are complicated to the point you wished they had been broken down further and explained more clearly.

    I wrote How to Make a Doll quilt in a way that assures that even a complete newbie at quilting can finish a doll quilt by the time they are done reading my guide.
    If you have a question, then send it to me (using the suggestion box at the bottom of this page). I'll forward it to Michele, and as soon as she answers I'll add it here so that others can read it.

    Right now, How to Make a Doll Quilt is made available exclusively to the members of this community and not offered anywhere else. So you'll be among the first quilters to get it.

    You'll also enjoy the low introductory price of only $17.95.

    Here are the screenshots of a few pages straight from the How to Make a Doll Quilt e-book to show you just how well-illustrated and detailed Michele's instructions are:

    As you can see, even someone with only basic sewing skills can follow the steps and learn to make doll quilts. This e-book makes it easy. So you'll have no problem mastering this technique.

    How to Make Doll Quilts is only offered to people who frequent the QuiltingBoard.com forum and read the Quilted Paradise newsletter. It's going to be offered to other quilting communities at a much later date. But you can get it today, and for only $17.95.

    You can go over the material and try out each step as slowly (and thoroughly) or as quickly (and lightly) as you want. But if you ever have a question or if something is unclear, Michele is right here on the message board to help you out.

    Additionally, when you order How to Make Doll Quilts, you automatically get all future updates for free. So if Michele ever changes something in the e-book or adds more instructions or illustrations, you'll be notified and get the updated copy without any additional charges. You'll be kept up-to-date even when the introductory period ends and the price of the e-book goes up. Order right now, and you'll never have to pay anything over $17.95.

    Another important point to keep in mind is that a part of the revenue from the sales of this e-book goes to the author, while another part goes towards covering the maintenance of this newsletter and the message board. So by ordering, you not only get to learn an amazing new technique, but you also help this quilting community grow!

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    If you decide to print it out, the cost of printer ink you would use up is much less than what you would pay for shipping, so it's a pretty good deal.

    But the important thing is that you can be reading it and learning a new technique in just minutes from now.

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    Learn how to make doll quilts and join the doll quilt swap with the other members of our community. It's a lot of fun.
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