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    Rhonda Woodsmall,
    The author of the
    Star Point Blocks guide,
    Quilter for 30 years

    The Star Point Block is an easy shortcut to making quilt blocks with angles in them. This technique allows for a lot of different quilt block designs without all the hassle of measuring angles or doing paper piecing.

    Why would you want to use angles in your blocks?

    Well, aside from the fact that a lot of traditional quilt patterns use angles (and so it's a must for any quilter), here is something else to consider:

    Blocks with angles look much more sophisticated than blocks with only rectangular elements.

    It's the difference between a quilt that screams "made by an amateur" and one that boldly states "work of art made by someone extremely skilled; probably took insane amount of time to make; costs a bundle."

    I'm sure you've seen enough quilts from both "categories" to know what I'm talking about, but you probably didn't realize that angles (odd shapes) in them is what makes the difference.

    Sure, there are plenty of complex-looking designs made only with rectangles, but spicing things up with angles is by far the quickest way to turn an amateur quilter into a "pro".

    If you look at a typical quilt of a beginner, you mostly see blocks containing squares and rectangles. Yet, when you look at the work of a seasoned quilter, you see angles -- lots of them.

    I'm talking about block designs like this one:

    Normally, to make something like that, you would have to cut and piece each individual "angled" element to the adjacent 2,3 or 4 elements. And you would need to do that for each element in each single block you are making. Think of the amount of time it would take to finish the whole quilt.

    And it's not just about the time. It takes skill too. When you have a quilt block with angles in it you have to handle odd shaped pieces and join them together. If you mess up an angle when sewing together just two elements, you would have to redo the whole block.

    On the other hand, cutting out (and stitching together) squares and rectangles is easy. No wonder most beginners avoid angles.

    Unfortunately, in this case the ease of making often shows up in the result. People see your work as amateurish, even if they don't tell you. And you see it too. When looking at your own creations, you feel that your work isn't as "sophisticated" as quilts made by others.

    So what do we have?

    1) Working with squares is easier, less prone to error and less time consuming.

    2) Blocks with angles produce much better-looking results.

    What can a beginner do about it?

    Rhonda adapted the cut down method specifically for making blocks with angles. She experimented with the technique and came up with the easiest way to combine the simplicity of working with squares and finished looks of angles.

    Instead of having several different triangles to mark and cut out, you just sew the swatches together and cut out a square. There are no individual triangles -- they just "appear" when you are done. The "trick" is in the way the pieces of fabric are stitched together before you cut out a square. The sides of your squares make up the angles of the elements.

    The result of Rhonda's experiments is the Star Point Block technique you are reading about. With SPB, you end up putting in the same amount of effort it would take to do the squares yet get the angles. You make complex-looking blocks containing odd shapes without actually having to deal with individual swatches positioned at angles.

    Let me show you some of the finished designs to illustrate the kind of complexity you can achieve with great ease.

    (All of these are done using the Star Point Block technique.)

    The blocks you see above are just some of the examples of what you can create without having to do any math to figure out the angles and without having to stitch together odd shapes.

    "It's a newbie's shortcut into the experienced quilter territory."

    But even if you are an advanced quilter, it still makes sense to learn the Star Point Block technique. The cut down method of making an SPB is Rhonda's own invention and saves the hassle of cutting out each and every triangle. It is quicker and easier and makes the whole process a lot less frustrating. So it would be a great addition to your existing arsenal of techniques.

    When you make the SPB's you can sit down and turn blocks, change colors and come up with new designs you never thought of before. By contrast, you wouldn't be able to do that when piecing odd shapes. So SPB is also great for playing with design and color options, because you can pick your pieces, turn them around, and you get a whole new block that looks completely different from what you had before.

    Rhonda created an e-book, called the Star Point Blocks, to help you learn this technique. The e-book contains 47 pages with a total of 209 pictures. It's extremely detailed and very well illustrated, so you'll have a very easy time mastering the SPB.

    The Star Point Blocks e-book is the next one in the series of blocks Rhonda teaches. If you've seen the Boston Blocks e-book, then you are already familiar with her cut down method. But Star Point Blocks uses a variation that allows you to use angles the easy way. It's another shortcut to piecing, specifically for designs with odd shapes.

    Inside the e-book, you'll also find Rhonda's quilt blocks with her original designs. There are a total of 63 distinct designs:
    • 4x4 blocks
    • 6x6 blocks
    • 4x6 blocks
    • 4x8 blocks
    • 2x6 blocks
    • 2x8 blocks
    • 12x12 blocks
    • and additionally designs for borders

    So you'll always find the most appropriate block structure for your project.

    Aside from teaching you the Star Point Block technique and providing you with unique block designs, Rhonda's e-book covers several sample projects, but more on this later.

    The Star Point Blocks e-book is not just about this block-making technique. And it's not just about full-size quilts. It's also about making miniature items. After all, that's what Rhonda specializes in.

    Here is the rationale for mastering the SPB using miniature items:

    If you can use some technique to make a miniature, you can always scale it up to make larger blocks. Scaling up is always easy. But it doesn't always work the other way around.

    So it makes sense to learn the techniques by making miniature blocks. Because then, you can make both miniature items and full-size quilts. But if you only learn a technique for full-size quilts, you might not be able to make miniatures if you ever need them.

    And since miniature items make perfect quick gifts and are great for attracting customers if you are selling at a craft show, both hobbyists and professional quilters need to know how to make them.

    If you need a quick, but unique, gift for someone (a gift that doesn't look cheap) -- you can always make a miniature item. And if you need to draw people to your stand, you can always use those minis as teasers to get the potential buyers to notice you, so you can up-sell them on the larger items.

    Additionally, making miniatures is not hard, contrary to what many people think. By using Rhonda's methods, you won't have to fiddle around with tiny scraps of fabric. That's the whole point. So don't get scared away thinking that you won't be able to do it.

    We even have some people right here on our message board who are absolute beginners, and they used Rhonda's methods successfully. So even a complete newbie can use the SPB technique without any difficulty.

    As I mentioned, a large portion of this e-book is about making actual items. So once you master the SPB, you'll also go through a series of sample projects to help you get a good handle on this technique.

    There is a whole section of the e-book dedicated to projects, called "Projects Instructions". This section contains 21 pages and 70 pictures. You'll find step-by-step instructions describing how to make Refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, trifold billfolds, square purses and lunch boxes. All of that with designs using the Star Point Block method.

    I especially liked the billfold. Here is a picture straight from the e-book:

    By the time you are done with the sample projects, you'll be able to make any kind of item with the design complexity of the Star Point Block.

    Rhonda has been quilting for over 30 years and making and selling miniature patchwork gift items for 11 years. In that time she has discovered some shortcuts that made her work easier and more efficient. Like all great inventions, it was a result of necessity. She needed to make less mistakes and produce quilts quicker.

    And now you have a chance to learn this technique straight from the bag of tricks of someone who completed thousands of quilts and miniature gift items.

    If you make quilts or other items for sale, then you'll recover the cost of this e-book after making only 3 or 4 of such miniatures. For example, Rhonda sells her hotpads for $13.95 at her local quilt shop. And the fabric cost is around $6 for each one. That leaves a profit of $7.95. So recovering the cost of the e-book is a only matter of making a few items. After that, you'll continue using the SPB technique to make more and more.

    Even if you don't have projects for sale and only quilt for your family and friends, you'll be able to save a lot of money on gifts. You'll be able to finish as many gifts as you want with the cost of fabric being the only expense. And because the designs are so unique, people close to you will love your creations.

    Not to mention that if you have any fabric leftovers from other projects that are too small to be used elsewhere, making miniatures might be the only way to avoid simply throwing that fabric away. In the end, you'll save even more.

    Here is what you get in the Star Point Blocks e-book, all for only $29.95:

    • Step-by-step explanation of the SPB method -- allows you to work with odd shapes and make your blocks look a lot more professional.

    • 63 block designs -- enough to fill a pattern book of its own. Included in the e-book completely free.

    • 4 sample projects -- each of them could be an independent tutorial, but you get them all as part of the offer.

    • Instructions for using SPB for full size quilts -- so that you can apply the SPB technique to make full-size quilts with blocks up to 12"x12" in size.

    Rhonda also offers a free template if you would like to use one. Her contact information is in the e-book (page 4), so you can e-mail her your postal address and she will mail you a template to use with her SPB technique.

    The release of this e-book is also a fundraiser. Part of the revenue from the sales of this e-book goes towards covering the maintenance of this newsletter and the message board, and earns you the Community Benefactor status. So by ordering, you not only get to master a new technique, but you also help this quilting community grow!

    Please order your copy today and show your support for our quilting community.

    Because it's an electronic book (e-book), you will download it right away -- there is no shipping cost and no need to wait for it to be delivered. And if you ever lose the e-book file, you can re-download it again without additional charges.

    The order process is completely automated and works 24/7. So you can download the e-book instantly, no matter what time of day or day of week it is. Everything is processed in real-time.

    Once you download the e-book onto your computer, you can read it on the screen and even print it out. It's all up to you.

    Another benefit of using e-books is that it's actually cheaper to print out an e-book (in cost of ink used by your printer) than it would cost for you to pay for the shipping when ordering a regular book. So you win here as well.

    And since you can read the e-book on the screen before deciding if you want to print it out, your cost of delivery could effectively be $0.

    Star Point Blocks e-book is not offered anywhere else -- neither in bookstores nor on other websites. This is an exclusive offer. And this is your only chance to get it for only $29.95. Order your copy now, so that you don't miss out on this amazing technique that will make you a better quilter.

    Additionally, when you order Star Point Blocks, you automatically get all future updates for free. So if Rhonda ever changes something in the e-book or adds more instructions or illustrations, you'll be notified and get the updated copy without any additional charges. You'll be kept up-to-date even when the introductory period ends and the price of the e-book goes up. Order right now, and you'll never have to overpay.

    But enough of me telling you how great the Star Point Blocks e-book is. Click the order button below to get your copy and see for yourself. Since there is a 100% money-back guarantee, you are not risking anything if you aren't happy with it. You be the judge of how good this e-book is.
    Order Star Point Blocks on a secure server and download instantly for only $29.95!

    Order Now

    To make sure that you don't have any doubts about this e-book -- "Is it something I need?", "Will it really help me?", "Will my quilting really improve?", and any other concerns -- I'm offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. I want you to feel safe when ordering it, so the guarantee is valid for two months from the moment you order your copy.

    This gives you plenty of time, not just to read it, but to master the technique and to try all the designs and projects. You'll be able to experiment all you want and really see the results of your newly acquired skills long before the refund deadline expires.

    And if for some reason you don't like this e-book, just contact me, and I'll refund your money right away and without any questions. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    If you don't order now, you might forget about it. You know how it is, life gets in the way. And the next time you see this e-book mentioned, it will be too late. The introductory period will run out and the price will be increased.
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