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Originally Posted by tuesy
I know we all have things that we order online and those shipping cost always come into play. Sometimes they're so outrageous that I won't order. Other times, if it's something I need and can't find elsewhere I bite the bullet and order it anyways.
What gets me though is when you know that the one item you ordered is NOT going to cost say $2.00 to send and when you get the item, you see the postage and sure enough, you were overcharged at least $1.50. Why is it that shipping has to be so outrageous??
Don't they understand that if they lower their shipping to the actual cost of shipping then they'll sell more merchandise?

I've sold things here on the board and I have never charged more for shipping than it really is. I've even had to take out of the money I got for the item to pay sometimes for the overage of the shipping.

Albeit, I'm not a company, but I don't believe in ripping people off.. why can't companies who are in business because of us, the consumer do the same thing?

Thanks for listening.. I just get tired of being ripped off!!
I feel like you do. I can't tell you how many times I have decided not to order something because the shipping is almost the same price as the product I want to order.
Granted, if at all possible I order several things to help offset the shipping cost, but sometimes I just need the one thing. If the shipping was in line with the actual cost I wouldn't hesitate to order.
I currently am looking for two notions, InvisaGrip (keeps rulers from slipping), and the Curve Master Foot, but can't find them both on one site. I just am not willing to spend upwards to $15. to have these items shipped to me. :cry:
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I don't like paying too much for shipping, but I understand that when you pay for shipping, the fees for credit cards/paypal/on-line payments also deducts from the shipping as well, not just the cost of the item. I also understand that charging actually shipping would create MUCH more work for the business because shipping rates change based on where one lives and how heavy items are. I think giving a generic price (as long as it is reasonably close to the actual cost) is valid. As consumers, if we get really burned on shipping, then we should just not purchase from that company again. They will eventually either change their shipping costs, or they will go out of business since others will stop using them as well.

From a different perspective:

My sister has an on-line business (selling quilting organizers) and uses Paypal. They charge $.48 on the first dollar, then take a percentage of the rest. That means that if she sells a $20.00 set and charges $5.00 to ship, she loses about $4.00 in fees, just to take an on-line payment. (Using a credit card is worse, though, because she gets charged a monthly fee, plus their "take" of the payment sent in. Since she is a small business, it is not cost-effective to take credit cards.)

So, with the cost of her materials (about $12.00), the cost of her website and domain name (about $50.00 a year), her time to cut all the organizers (about 20 minutes) the packaging (about 10 minutes), and the time to the post office (another 20 minutes or so), her profit is almost not worth the time and effort she puts into providing her organizers.

To actually ship the organizers costs around $3.50. So, when she charges $5.00 and then gets complaints, she just wants to cry. She only makes about $7.00 per item she sells for all her time and labor.
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It costs us about $2 to charge your credit card, and it costs about $3 to print your order, pull your item(s) off the shelf, check your order, and pack it up. This doesn't count the cost of cutting fabrics. And of course, we had to buy the item you're buying, and pay postage for it to get to us.

Physical stores have these very same expenses... They have to pay someone to stock the shelves, cut the fabrics, and check you out at a register, and pay for the shipping fees on their stock. BUT they don't tack on a $3 service fee if I only purchase one yard of fabric, or a couple of small items.

With that kind of overhead, orders under $10 just don't pull their own weight, and would cost us money to process. We want to stay in business. We hope you want us to stay in business, so please forgive us for imposing this minimum. Since everything we sell is at a discount, and since adding a small item or two usually does not increase your postage charges, we hope it's not too much of an inconvenience to add a spool of thread or pack of needles to your order if necessary.

When I see this, I feel like I am penalized for not buying more than what I really want to buy. If they can "coerce" me into a another purchase or two, THEN they want my business?

If you do place an order under $10, you'll pay a $3 handling charge, plus shipping. You'll have the choice of shipping by First Class, which can cost as little as $.43 for one pattern. That way, if you really just want a $5 item, you can pay a total of $8 to $10 for the item, the handling, and the postage. We still don't think that's very economical, but it probably beats driving to the store to pick up the same item, especially if you don't live near a quilt shop

I buy online for the convenience and price... BUT I give up being able to see the "true" colors and the feel of the fabric. So if I start feeling like the convenience is getting too expensive, I will combine the need of fabric and notions with a days outing/entertainment and pick them up in person. Most LQS/fabric stores have specials and clearance :D The $20-$25 I spend in gas for a days worth of entertainment is pretty inexpensive considering the cost of other entertainment like dinner and a movie that only last a few hours :wink:
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I totally agree with you but if I want it bad enough I will pay. I know that I would kick myself later if I did not.
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What really frosts me is paying a "handling charge" when I go to the store/shop/garage to pick up an item.
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Originally Posted by JanetM
I currently am looking for two notions, InvisaGrip (keeps rulers from slipping), and the Curve Master Foot, but can't find them both on one site. I just am not willing to spend upwards to $15. to have these items shipped to me. :cry:
Did you try Amazon? I usually find different notions on there and if you spend $25, can usually get free shipping.
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