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Please help me choose a new machine. Budget: about $500 >

Please help me choose a new machine. Budget: about $500

Please help me choose a new machine. Budget: about $500

Old 10-11-2012, 05:00 PM
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Default Please help me choose a new machine. Budget: about $500

I got my first sewing machine about a year ago (Brother cs6000i) and it was great at first, but as I'm sewing more and more, its drawbacks are becoming more obvious (can't handle fabrics that are even remotely thick, high speeds cause the motor to sound rough and drag, has a hard time sewing straight without a lot of babying from me, etc).

I like how easy it is to use - I just want to upgrade to something that is better quality.

I'd like to be able to order from Amazon as I have some gift cards to put toward the total cost. Janome seems to be a popular choice - I was looking at the dc2012, but I see no mention of an extension table being available (unless I'm just missing it somehow).

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with the above machine? I'm very open to other suggestions as well.

I'd like to do quilting and other basic sewing (making dolls for my girls, a little bit of clothing, making curtains, possibly cloth diapering supplies, etc) I plan on working with (in addition to basic quilting cotton) fabrics like fleece, flannel, PUL, etc.

I also enjoying doing applique on occasion, so if the machine has a nice satin stitch, that would be great.

I'd also like something that will last - I usually sew at LEAST 2-3 hrs/week and more often than not 10-15+ hrs/week.
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Old 10-11-2012, 05:10 PM
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I bought the same Brother sewing machine and have loved it compared to the mechanical machine. But i JUST BLEW IT UP this past Sunday!!! It actually started smoking. I think I burned something inside. It won't turn on now. I was just sick! I am going to get an estimate at repair but I have a feeling I will be having to get a new machine. I too was thinking of upgrading but I only use mine for piecing and quilts. I too am interested in hearing suggestions on what to try out. I have an inexpensive Janome but have not been excited about it.
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Old 10-11-2012, 05:35 PM
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for your budget, and your like for the cs6000i I would go with this
it has more metal, is more durable and stronger than your machine. It other than the PQ1500S are the only high end models from brother offered online that are made more affordable. plus if you have feet already they should be okay for this model, and you are already comfortable with brother so there will be no new learning curve. I also read a review where the lady said she bought another high end from a dealer than bought this one and wished she had got this one first. If that were my budget that is what I would choose or maybe the lower of the juki exceed models
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Trip on over to the Vintage Sewing machines section of this QB board: http://www.quiltingboard.com/vintage...thusiasts-f22/

Save your money for fabric: By a vintage machine.

I am very biased - I've got around 17 vintage Singer machines, some going back to manufacture date of 1919 that are still sewing.

For piece work all you need is a straight stitch machine and a 1/4" foot.

Save your money for fabric.

(stepping off my podium now........ )

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But a past TOL machine as a gently used and serviced machine from your local dealer. I also own many vintage machines and swear by them. If you must have something different, older Pfaffs, Vikings and Janomes are all great machines and can be purchased in your budget amount. Most dealers will give you some kind of store warranty on a used machines.
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Get a Janome! Check with your local Janome dealer as they might have some used ones with lots of bells and whistles within your budget.

I bought my used Janome MC6500 two years ago and will never own another brand again. I am completely sold on Janomes.
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I lovemy brother pc420. I bought it on amazon and have been very pleased with it! It has a needle threader and thread cutter, start/stop button, knee lifter and every attachment I need for quilting except the 1/4" foot. I have attached binding and quilted 2 quilts on it so far with no problems. For under $500 you can have the machine, quilting feet and extension table.

I tried a janome dc2012 to start with but fou dthe stitch selection annoying and the delay in the foot pedal drove me nuts. I returned it to buy the brother and haven't regretted it.
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Thank you everyone. I honestly feel a little hesitant to get another Brother machine as my current one's motor just sounds so rough and drags so much (and only seems to be getting worse as I use it).

I really want something that will last a long time and sin
ce I'm semi-limited to using Amazon at the moment, wonder if maybe something like the Janome HD 1000 or 3000 would be a better bet until I can save up some non-Amazon cash and buy a nice Memory craft (or something similar) used from a sewing shop.

Any thoughts on the Janome HDs?

One last thing I wanted to mention is that I'm a SAHM, but have some interest in possibly making things to (attempt to) sell on Etsy so I'd like something that gives reliable, quality results (but again, would prefer to buy from Amazon so a vintage ma
chine isn't that realistic at this time - not to mention I need something I can use on my kitchen table as my own designated sewing table will be a while in the future)
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I also had a Brother CS6000i and wanted to upgrade. And I also wanted to get it from Amazon. I narrowed it down to a Singer Futura and a Brother PE770. Well, buying from Amazon doesn't always give you a description that includes all of the nuances of the machine. I ended up buying the Singer Futura. I liked the size of the harp and that it had 2 embroidery hoops and I wanted to get into some machine embroidery. I only sew lightly and for myself and quilt.

Well, the biggest nuance that I didn't think about was how easily the foot plate came off on my Brother CS6000i. Just pops in and out. The Singer has 2 screws that have to be unscrewed to get the foot plate off to clean. I'll never forget to think about that if I buy another machine.

So, make sure all of the convenient little nuances and nasty dislikes you have about sewing and your machine when you decide on the final choice.
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