Do you have a "GO" bag?

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Currently I have a little bag a friend made me with cotton yarn, knitting needles and scissors in it. When we go on longer car rides, I knit up washcloths. So easy and passes the time nicely. Now that I have an iPad that'll go, too. I'm getting some different hand projects together for our vacation out of state that's coming up soon. Having lots of projects to pick from feels like money in the bank...makes me feel more secure...for some reason.
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I keep a plastic container in our van with supplies for making yo-yo's when on long trips. Nice to have something at hand. Don't have a purpose for the yo-yos yet, but I will find one!
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Yep, have a couple, ususally embroidery.
Most used one is a Pink cosmetic company free case.
Working on the State Quarter Squares in black.
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Like many of you I kept "go" bags packed with overnight items for whenever my husband or mother had to be admitted to the hospital. And of course a bag with crochet, embroidery or quilting projects.

Now I keep several bags with projects of various complexities so I can grab whichever one if appropriate for where I am going.

And I always keep a bag with a crochet project in the car. It is amazing how much you can do while waiting for a train to pass or someone to come out of the store, etc. It is in a clear bag so I can leave it on the seat of my car and would-be car thieves can see that what is in there and not be tempted to break into my car and steal it. Unless of course, they are a frustrated crafter and have run out of supplies!
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I usually just read. On road trips that is usually the only time I can
Too busy at home in my sewing room to read anything but patterns.
When I am at the Drs. office I usually read one of the outdated magazines.
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I, too, have a go bag. I just grab it when I head out the door or when I am going to be gone for a day or two.
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I usually have two quilt projects going at a time; something machine pieced or needing machine quilting, binding, etc.; and my long-term cathedral window squares that I am doing all by hand. I have my quilting basket packed in the car with muslin squares, the window colored fabric squares, squares of batting that I am inserting under the window material for extra warmth, pins, scissors, thread, needles, seam ripper, thimbles, Band-Aids (should I stick myself so I don’t bleed on my muslin), and a small plastic ruler. My sewing basket has a padded top which I love. I sit the basket in my lap, use the top for my work table, and to stick my pins in and out of as I work. My basket only comes into the house when I have a few squares completed and/or need to pack additional supplies.
Leaving it in the car assures me that I don’t find myself somewhere with unexpected time on my hands and nothing to do.
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Oh you are so lucky to be able to sew while riding. I have wished so many times That I could do tghat. I always get motion sickness. So i have to just sit and do nothing. Anybody know a cure for motion sickness?
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I have a tote bag that I carry with me. I can not just sit idle. I have to have something to do. Glad that I am not the only one.
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I can't stand just to sit anywhere....including our guild meetings. My 'go' bag always has knitting in it. For office visits, I include my Nook. Might as well accomplish something!
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