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Originally Posted by DebbE View Post
My DH brings me my pills in the morning and evening (with water), he cooks dinner for me most every night (I work later hours), does the laundry (including folding and putting it away), cleans house (not needed often as its just the 2 of us now), empties the d/w and fills it, and picks up things at the store we're low on, does the yards and pays the bills, and keeps track of our paperwork -- plus a million other things on a daily basis. That to me is romantic, as we've been married for over 39 years now...I'll go for practical romance any day!
After 42 years of marriage, I go for the practical - like sitting in an emergency room in the middle of the night and going to the barn twice a day to take care of my horses cuz I don't like June bugs!
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most romantic... my husband "loves" me when every body else has pushed me away and told me I'm dead to them. He tells me that its him and I against the world. And it so is. He is the best of the bestest.
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6 weeks after he asked me to marry him....(no ring)...he got down on one knee and formally asked me to marry him and presented me with the pear shape diamond solitaire ring that I wanted. Mind you....I was 44 and he was 54. My first marriage and his third...(he lost his first love to a terminal illness at 30). Still going strong eleven years later! He is more "romantic" than I am, in fact.

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Originally Posted by star619 View Post
Maybe this won't seem romantic to most people, but it affirmed our relationship of 37 yrs. (at that time). I somehow wound up as the head of a Search Committee for our church. We interviewed candidates by mail. reviewing sermons and then chose 3 to interview in person. This was no small enterprise, either in terms of arrangements or money from the parish. After numerous meetings, we selected a candidate (first female priest for the parish), & made the presentation to the Vestry. The reaction was bizarre: lots of arguing, Biblical quoting out of context & even a resignation! I was devastated.
I went home & asked my non-church going, but spiritual & ethical, husband if he thought there was a valid reason to dismiss all women from consideration for the office. He said (as an engineer), "Well when I have to make a project that has not been done before, my first effort usually has flaws(?), but after consideration my second draft is always an improvement. I think that's true of men & women. Adam was a first draft, Eve was the improved version."
I hope that this doesn't offend anyone, but his heartfelt answer to a major decision I had to make made me love him all over again.
P.S. The female priest did become our parish priest, and to this date people in the congregation still refer to her as "the best pastor we ever had."
God bless you! I lead a search committee for our parish two years ago! I can relate. The committee was so sure that their first choice was going to be the correct choice. GOD had other plans....we hired the right choice...not their first choice! I never agreed with the first choice so it was very interesting to watch God at work. Congrats on your choice!

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great stories, melts my heart, and makes me sooo greatful for my loving husband
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My DH married me when I was a single mom of 3 kids. He raised them as his own and we had 3 more together. He loves all the kids and grandkids. My DD asked him to be Godfather to her first child and that showed me that my DD loved him right badk. I remember one Christmas, we had the kids and grandkids and my parents over for Christmas dinner and had just unwrapped all the presents and the room was a mess, he went to the fireplace and pulled out a Walmart bag. Inside was 4 small gifts....all for me. The first one was a baby food jar of sand. The second was a baby food jar of water, and the 3rd was a yellow Nerf ball with construction paper sunglasses and "sunrays" around it. I said this looks like a beach and then he handed me the 4th one. It was the plane tickets to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a 5 day vacation for him and me...just the 2 of us. He had made arrangements at work for the time off for me and made arrangements for my mom to stay with the kids. All I had to do was pack! It was wonderful! We just celebrated 28 years of marriage and are looking forward to many more.
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My husband of 35 years this July 8th is a "doer" . He builds things, fixes things, remodels and if there is a task or errand he can do that makes my life easier or helps me in some way he does it. I make every effort to do the same for him. Now that is romance, I thank God every day for giving me my wonderful husband.
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I get romanced everyday! bet I get at least 20 kisses before he walks out the door in the morning. My grandmother said no matter what kisses in the morning before coffee. I get kissed after he wakes me up, before he goes to work and I get them if he happens to stop by the house during the day and after he gets home at evening. and before we go to bed. Might be the last time. And make them count.
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such heart warming stories. I love reading them
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My husband is very ill in a nursing home and suffers from dementia as well as other problems. Our 60th anniversary was last week, but he hardly knew it. I continue to love him very much although this is a very difficult time. So; our 31-year old grandson brought me flowers and out to dinner on our anniversary.

Kimcatlou,My heart goes out to you and yours and i second what Gramajo said you and yours are in my prayers
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