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Virtual quilting weekendóDecember 17-19, 2022 >

Virtual quilting weekendóDecember 17-19, 2022

Virtual quilting weekendóDecember 17-19, 2022

Old 12-17-2021, 05:22 PM
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I have finished my December monkey from the bom at www.pumpkinpatchbc.com that I have been enjoying this year. I have chosen the sashing fabric and hope to get the top completed this weekend. Enjoy reading what everyone is working on and planning.
LAF2019 great idea of incorporating those smaller tshirt logos into blocks!
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Old 12-17-2021, 11:22 PM
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japaneese-iris-moc-up-2mp.jpg This is hard to mentally put together in a picture and on the floor of my studio. The large parrellellagrams were cut years ago. I don't know how I determined the size. I'm immitating the pattern Big Blossom Quilt.It has to be flipped from side to side and reshaped from squares.
I've narrowed the fabric choices. It is starting to find permanent places for the pieces. I'll keep rearranging the puzzle pieces and show another pic later.
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Originally Posted by Gemm View Post
I'd like to think I'm going to join in this weekend but am not sure what that will look like. I'm in between projects at present and don't have a clear plan for a new one (lots of ideas - just nothing definite). I think I'd like to find a few minutes somewhere to reorganize my stash - it has grown considerably in the last couple of months and I've got to figure out a system that has room for all of my latest acquisitions. There have been so many great ideas for getting things sorted in Mission:Organization, Scraps? and some of the other threads that I'm actually looking forward to this process (and not just because it means I can play with fabric!).

Good luck with your VQW goals, everyone!
Organization is an absolutely worthy VQW goal. And devoting some brainpower to scrap management.... Definitely. These might not be the "sexy" part of quilting but it's essential.
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Old 12-18-2021, 03:33 AM
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2 Christmas gatherings will keep me from doing much this weekend. However this morning, I thought of a quick sew project. A phone pouch to snap on a bunk bed rail after hearing my oldest's phone fall in there middle of the night.

I also have a bit of organizing to do as I got some free fabric leftovers from someone on my local FB group. I will keep what I can use and bring the rest to my sewing group.
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Old 12-18-2021, 03:52 AM
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Reporting in on Saturday morning.....................

I made one more block for the Alcott Civil War Quilt, then spent time staring at the quilt on the design wall and decided to add narrow sashing to break up the large amount of background. I also rearranged the blocks to create a better balance of color and "weight" of the blocks rather than placing the blocks in month by month order.

One block cut and ready for stitching but the final one was missing some directions and I have asked the Facebook group for help.

Ta-Da! Cleaned up most of the messiness of my sewing room. Another 5 minutes and it will be ready to mess up again! Picture of progress later.

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Old 12-18-2021, 06:49 AM
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I did a lot of cutting for the BH mystery but we watched Christmas movies while I worked. Made it a lot nicer!
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Old 12-18-2021, 08:47 AM
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Didn't do any sewing yesterday but did some general house organizing stuff. On Thursday I had pulled out my big box of wrapping paper and stuff and decided I was done storing wrapping paper. Then I went through things already determined as going to the Goodwill and pulled a bunch of suitable stocking stuffer type things, Many brand new (goofy seahawk gag gifts, adult coloring books), others slightly worn, some vintage like a couple of wooden Hummel music boxes from the 70s. A lot of holiday tins like you put baked goods in, my gift was Chex mix and I needed the big ones but sometimes they came in sets with smaller ones inside that I didn't use -- but great for those cookie and fudge makers.

Hubby took the two boxes to work on Friday with a free sign and for the first year in decades I don't have to navigate that box in and out of the closet... People had fun and I got rid of stuff it was a win/win

I got some of those Mr Clean Erasers last time I went to Costco and used them on my upper kitchen cabinets which look much better. I took off the handles off the door panels so I could get a good scrub and they indeed did a great job. When the hubby came home he asked, "What smells good??" Apparently it was the scent of cleaning products which is sadly not that familiar smell in our household.

Today I need to pull a couple more fabrics and I will start cutting my "garnet" for the Bonnie Hunter mystery. Any good smells are going to come from whatever I'm cooking!
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Old 12-18-2021, 11:57 AM
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Good afternoon everyone

Heather - I missed last year's declutter challenge by a few weeks, but I was able to do it anyway and when I saw she was going to do it again for 2022, I had to jump on board. Karen is a fabulous coach; I watch her YouTube channel daily and most of her tips and tricks to keep my sewing space clean and tidy has stayed with me. It starts January 1st and runs through January 21st, there's a Facebook group that you can join and she's got a whole playlist of nothing but decluttering tips and tricks on her channel. The link to the declutter challenge is below. I've already been having things pop up in my mind on some storage solutions and how I'm going to organize things, I'm super stoked.

Declutter Challenge | mysite (justgetitdonequilts.com)

Speaking of decluttering, I'm going to need to do some of that when I get done with my coffee, lol. The first organizer ended up in the trash, I'm just not impressed at all with the way that organizer is supposed to go together, but the good thing is that I've figured out some things to make it a thousand times easier and I'll be able to whip up another one. I do have the pouch for my 12 x 24 cutting mat almost done, all that constant rain yesterday put me out of action for a few hours, so all I have to do is finish sewing on the binding and wipe off my quilting marks I made, add some grommets and I can call that finished.

First though, coffee.
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Old 12-18-2021, 01:03 PM
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Iíve been feverishly sewing on my ornaments quilt. Tried to post a picture but no matter how small I tried to make the picture, it wasnít uploaded. Kept saying the file was too big. Which is a bummer because these hanging ornaments are gorgeous!! The fabrics have some metallic gold and silver. And I was at a retreat when a lady had a box of ribbons she didnít want. Yes, really. So, I have used an iron on gold 1/4Ē on the edges of the ornaments. Iím using a free pattern someone suggested when I was in the planning stages. The whole quilt has 22 ornaments. I have 15 done!! The other 7 need the hanging part done. Iím hoping that by next Friday I will be able to hang my finished quilt top up on my living room wall. Plan to get it quilted after the new year. Let me try again on that picture thing.
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The file too big message is about the amount of data contained in the picture, cropping or sizing doesn't change that. Depending on how the picture was taken you need to do different things. Often the cell phones have an option for sharing that automatically reduces the file.

With my old school digital camera and desktop computer and browser options, I use this site (no affiliation) because it is quick, easy, free and doesn't set off my various protections and such.

I plug my camera into my compute and drag the file onto the website. I use their defaults -- one click to do the reduction and then another to download it to your computer. Then I come here and upload.

BTW -- grats to you for getting as far as the "too large" message. I still miss the upload button to the far right of the file select screen about half the time. And I time out at least half the time so I've learned to copy my post before hitting Quick Reply.

edit: The Help section here has some really good help
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