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  1. Spinoff of "Bad Rap..." So how DO you tell good quality fab from poor?
  2. What Was I Thinking!!!!
  3. Cutting table
  4. Where do you buy fabric online?
  5. BACKING: I want to buy a bolt - recommendations?
  6. Getting a Bad Rap
  7. Designing Quilts with a book or on-line
  8. Table runner, or is it?
  9. Quilt Block Patterns of Toys
  10. Portable sewing kit
  11. Portable Sewing/Quilting Kit-What am i forgietting??
  12. Is this a good deal?
  13. Quilting machine reviews
  14. Need advice on bed quilt
  15. Embroidery- Felt for stabilizer
  16. Just HAD to Share - I've Bought My Long Arm!!!
  17. arrowhead binding
  18. This week's motivational pep talk!
  19. Want to Make a Log Cabin Quilt
  20. Trying to find where to get fabric
  21. Daily Quilt Motivation
  22. Isn't It Always The Case?
  23. Favorite tools
  24. Rotary cutter with ruler attached
  25. Scrappy quilt info needed
  26. charm pack quilts
  27. Echo Quilting Around Flowers & Leaves
  28. Help me decide on boarders please.
  29. But I don't WANT to build a that "going against the grain?"
  30. Hobbs 80/20 Batting Question
  31. A Tip for Creased Batting
  32. Redwork?
  33. african violet xstitch pattern
  34. 10-y/o UFO- What to do??
  35. P0ly batting
  36. Applique Quilt Question
  37. Do "New" Quilt books instruct traditional, or do they incorporate "shortcut" techniqu
  38. Tipping your Long Arm Quilter
  39. Someone please talk me down!
  40. Grace Majestic Frame
  41. Using fleece instead of batting
  42. The Firebird Ballet back cloth quilt?
  43. How do you dress for guild meetings?
  44. lining up the quilt sandwich
  45. Flannel Fat Quarters
  46. "Snack Attack" fabric line pattern ideas?
  47. Where can I find this?
  48. Thread for Bernina
  49. Has anyone else done this.
  50. Jenny Doan's new magazine Quilting Quickly.
  51. Judy neimeyers flowers for my double wedding ring quilts
  52. hand dying white tone on tone
  53. Have you made a quilt from silk scarves?
  54. scalloped border - bias binding
  55. Machine Choice
  56. Help! Wrong size on Craftsy BOM 1st block
  57. Retiring - "what would you stock up on?"
  58. violet pattern
  59. Help - T-Shirt Quilting Book ???
  60. Horay, I found rainbow ombres!!!
  61. Older fabric
  62. Anyone ever order from Joann's?
  63. Why do seam rippers have cylindrical handles?
  64. thimbles for hand quilting
  65. Saint for quilters!!
  66. Help finding these fabrics by Robert Kaufman
  67. Which is Less Expensive for Fabric?
  68. Help Please
  69. Ticking for a rag quilt
  70. 'Refreshing' a cutting mat
  71. Still looking for name of magazine with kitty appliques
  72. celtic knots
  73. Heirloom quilt
  74. More Harbor Freight tools I need?
  75. Ever find a mistake in a quilt book?
  76. How to quilt David and Goliath block
  77. Please suggest what brand of serger to purchase
  78. Does anyone recognize this quilt pattern?
  79. What would you pay?
  80. flannel precuts and backing
  81. What Patterns are Good for Jelly Roll Cuts?
  82. hand stitching questions?
  83. How do YOU stop buying fabrics?
  84. DWR Border ?
  85. Embroidered label??
  86. EQ7 border question
  87. Singer Red Eye Treadle Machine
  88. Noob ventures out again, gets machine out of hawk...etc
  89. fabric storting
  90. tranfering embroidry designs
  91. Log Cabin Christmas Trees?
  92. landscape quilts
  93. Finding a quilting "style"
  94. Question about borders...
  95. Looking for advice on a pattern
  96. Advice Regarding Purchase of 14 Year Old Long Arm
  97. ruler catalog
  98. Hand basting quilt with tatting thread rolling up as you go...
  99. I saw a log cabin quilt made with cats imbedded in the pattern but can't locate it
  100. How Did You Learn to Use A Thimble
  101. Can this marriage be saved?
  102. New Hoffman crackers?
  103. Do you ever find you want to sew something simple and easy between quilts?
  104. fabric Easter basket instructions
  105. Rag Quilt Shedding
  106. I went crazy on scrappy 4 patches
  107. Help with scalloped binding?
  108. I need your thoughts and ideas....
  109. Need pattern for 2 charm packs & a jelly roll :0(
  110. Need: Workhorse pin cushion
  111. Which batiks???
  112. Prewashing Bright Red and White Fabric
  113. Art Quilting
  114. I think scraps grow during the night???
  115. LQS in Salt Lake City?
  116. Women of Courage BOM
  117. Beginner's photo album group?
  118. Where to go from here?
  119. Attention: All you long arm owners.....
  120. Patching an old quilt
  121. Guess what DH is doing right now?
  122. Brand New Brother Lock 1034D NOISE!!!
  123. Sensory Overload (read: noob ventures into LQS)
  124. Rings that bind
  125. When making a block, do you try to keep the integrity of the fabric pattern?
  126. Thread issues?
  127. Should I change this? Can't figure out if OK
  128. Getting discouraged
  129. Stuck on one pattern...
  130. Softening Stiff Fabric
  131. Wool test?
  132. Guild quilt challenge ideas
  133. I LOVE !!!!!
  134. Stitch Regulators
  135. Fabric Expressions 1998 mystery BOM
  136. Yellow Brick Road question.....
  137. Name of fabric
  138. Martelli Rotary Cutter
  139. Would Like to hear from anyone that has made Dunster's Diamond Log Cabin Star Quilt
  140. New LQS opened.
  141. Basting/sandwiching with glue
  142. binding clips
  143. Looking for Quilt Picture
  144. Newbie question - Is a card trick a traditional block?
  145. What quilting design for a log cabin quilt?
  146. So excited. Starting my first "Block of the Month"
  147. Price for featherweight
  148. Quilt from baby clothes
  149. Sewing Machine Maintenance?
  150. Can I combine linen & cotton fabrics in a quilt top?
  151. Paula Nadelstern snowflakes
  152. I'm looking for patterns or blocks of log cabin variations
  153. Selveage placemats in the Keepsake catalog
  154. Need advice on puckers
  155. Birthday and Christmas pressies
  156. Is it ok not to remove selvages from backing if it will end up inside the binding?
  157. I just can't believe my eyes with this batting.
  158. Primitive Quilts
  159. Looking for a Tree Pattern - do you know this one?
  160. Question About Batting
  161. Self challenge
  162. New Projects for 2013??
  163. Name labels for group members
  164. Longarm Quilting Prices
  165. Elmer's School Glue instead of pinning? Do you really do this?
  166. Rotary it just me?
  167. question on W & N
  168. Trying to find this fabric.
  169. Quilt Backing Fabric
  170. Hand dyeing and surface embellishments
  171. fusable stainglass portraits
  172. to press or not to press; that is the question!
  173. I think I need a serger
  174. applique portraits
  175. AccuQuilt Go
  176. Should I use a footboard?
  177. Trying to downsize
  178. ISO Free Pattern for 20 - 26 Inch Quilt Block
  179. Standard sizes
  180. Different sized Block of the Month
  181. Need name of this quilt
  182. fabric catalog
  183. "put the eye of the needle throgh the knot"
  184. talk about fast shipping
  185. Newbies - what do you spend more time doing - quilting or reading the board?
  186. Has anyone purchased a sewing machine from Sewing Machines plus?
  187. What is this type of fabric called?
  188. Will I ever get better at matching seams?
  189. Fiestaware Quilt
  190. Thread catching on edge of spool
  191. I want to make a Barn Quilt for my LQS friend
  192. A totally off-the-wall question: How to get past "boring" neutrals & solids?
  193. Cost of new mid-arm machines
  194. What fabric would you choose?
  195. Denim Rag Quilt
  196. Walking Foot Replacement
  197. Carrying case
  198. Tissue Cases - What Brand of Tissue Packets Do You Use?
  199. WIP needs a pop of a third color
  200. Favorite quilt kits
  201. Batting is too short
  202. Adding multiple small borders
  203. Rail fence with a difference
  204. Babylock question: Which stitch looks like hand quilting?
  205. Which pattern would you choose for this fabrics
  206. Just a little question about needle turn applique.
  207. help with slightly wavy borders
  208. Batik Fan Pattern Fons & Porter May/June 2006
  209. Need Help Finding Quilt Pattern
  210. Fused Applique Question
  211. Need advice finishing quilt
  212. Elm Creek Books
  213. Tissue case with a button
  214. 2013 UFO Therapy Thread - Sister Thread to 2013 UFO Challenge of the Month
  215. 2 charm pks & 6 fat eighth solids?
  216. Seeking Quilting Advice!
  217. Need opinions on vintage commission
  218. Seeking special "Kitty" quilt or wall hanging from this month's magazine
  219. Sunbeam iron care
  220. Quilts for charity
  221. Contract or agreement for doing quilts for others
  222. Question: Has anyone had problems with their Brothers PQ1500s?
  223. Seeking advice for a tshirt quilt
  224. Which is the best site for quilt kits?
  225. Any ideas on how to find this pattern?
  226. Decent throat size machine
  227. Handi Quilter Sweet 16
  228. Quilt show - to be or not to be judged?
  229. Flip Flap purse....
  230. HELP!!! Need help on a New Home Model 552
  231. Thank You!
  232. Spiral Eye Needles - has any one tried these
  233. when several seams come together in the middle of a block - help!!
  234. Prewashing large cuts of fabric?
  235. Pam Bono Patterns
  236. Pattern Search: "Shattered Crystal" by Lisa Marie Amabile
  237. Another beginner question
  238. I need help. Please!
  239. Looking for a pattern Please!
  240. Carpenter Star quilting help needed please
  241. Squaring up with shape cutter
  242. Blue Jean Quilt, help please
  243. 4fabrics @ 2 yards each: what would you do?
  244. Looking for Free FMQ pattern sources
  245. Question about fusing circles
  246. favorite easy fat quarter pattern
  247. I am about ready to give up on triangles. Any suggestions on making them easier?
  248. Any good resources for Wilsom Studio?
  249. Appliqué.
  250. Help! I'm fraying!!