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  1. Help with machine please
  2. what size block hst
  3. Anyone know name of this pattern?
  4. Motorcycle quilt
  5. Does anyone have Tailormade brand sewing furniture?
  6. Quilt shops in MI?
  7. question about broken stitch light every 44 stitches on Bernina Aurora 440
  8. binding
  9. Stashing On A Quilt
  10. Spool thread winder
  11. Accuquilt Double Wedding Ring Queen Size
  12. Baby Loves Poetry Quilt
  13. Long Arm Question
  14. Batting Question
  15. Strongest thread?(with same thickness)...........
  16. need advice re: prewash backing?
  17. what do you do with all your finished spools?
  18. Trekkie
  19. The beginnings of my next quilt, advice on the pattern?
  20. what model of machine is this, are they a good machine?
  21. Tip for scorch marks
  22. How far in advance of using is it okay to starch your fabrics--days, weeks, months?
  23. homemade spray starch
  24. Should I wash runners?
  25. Adjustable Cutting Table
  26. Quilt pattern: Raspberry Dessert from Quiltmaker's May/June 2011
  27. Scottish Quilt Patterns
  28. Original QuiltCut vs. QuiltCut II
  29. Have I messed up?
  30. what is "premium broadcloth"?
  31. Can you mix stretchy minkee with quilting cotton on a quilt top?
  32. fabric search
  33. My gorgeous tub chair needs a cover
  34. looking for a queen size pattern
  35. Chicken pattern
  36. First Project Sewing Question
  37. batting question
  38. Design Wall Idea
  39. Who knew quilting on my machine could be so much fun.
  40. Gingher Scissor Sharpening
  41. using doubleknits
  42. Which thread is your favorite for a long arm machine?
  43. Searching for a particular quilt
  44. Experience buying pre-made Material for Photographs? Help!
  45. Houston Quilt Festival
  46. Help with Octi Hoops
  47. How do I start a friendship quilt?
  48. Avante QUilting machine opinions
  49. Quarter inch seams
  50. Brother SQ9050 extension table legs fold up too easily
  51. Photo Quilt
  52. PCQuilter: Do you have one?
  53. How long should a cutting mat last?
  54. Which project to start next???
  55. Gel Seat Pad for Prolonged Sitting at Sewing Machine?
  56. Applique Borders
  57. new to me sewing machine
  58. hot foot control
  59. Batting or fleece or flannel for design board?
  60. Sashing Questions
  61. good morning to all
  62. Densely quilted..after washing?
  63. Anyone have this??
  64. Wooden Hera
  65. Recyled quilt top
  66. Making Your Own Ironing Board--Did you use canvas or silver ironing fabric?
  67. Christmas in July
  68. Quilt shops near Duck, North Carolina
  69. Layer cake ?
  70. Suggestions on new sewing machine chair
  71. Hand pieced seams - press open or to the side
  72. Need help finding a pattern/kit: Autumn Leaf wall hanging
  73. Has anyone been on the July Shop Hop in Ontario?
  74. Check out my score!!
  75. Help find a Pfaff repair person
  76. Please don't send the quilt police
  77. Is it too Old?
  78. Chair wheels / threads
  79. Happy, Happy! GOT MY NEW TOY!!
  80. Thinking Ahead for Quilters Christmas Party
  81. quilting a kaleidoscope
  82. Need a little help with using Sta-Flo for the first time.
  83. using a hand quilting frame
  84. Looking for name of this pattern
  85. minkee backing
  86. chair for long arm
  87. Need help. (on web pages)
  88. this brother
  89. Help with quilting hoop
  90. Mug Rugs
  91. 9 Patch Advice
  92. Questions for Longarm Quilters
  93. Large scale pattern any vendors to look for?
  94. Fabric Quality?
  95. Largest quilt you've quilted on your DSM
  96. Which thread is better?
  97. Sizziz vs AccuQuilt Go
  98. Bailey 17E
  99. Name this block
  100. Cleaning your Iron
  101. Name this pattern
  102. Embroidery withdrawal
  103. Where?
  104. So disappointed
  105. Attaching border
  106. Sun bonnet Sue
  107. erasers for holding quilt
  108. Steam a seam II - lite
  109. Question all you quilters
  110. Pantos for less dense quilting
  111. Any ideas that can help a quilter with macular degeneration?
  112. Quilting with a fleece backing
  113. should I purchase an older Babylock serger?
  114. rotating cutting mats
  115. How to Figure amount of Fabric for 2 color Drunkard's Path
  116. Anyone Make Periwinkle Quilt without the "Wacky Web" Template????
  117. Opinions please
  118. Read this today and it brought a tear to my eye.
  119. Your Opinion please ....
  120. Need input/ Machine with wide harp/Lowest price
  121. Micro fiber???????????
  122. Should I make it "POP" ???
  123. Jenome 6500
  124. Finally! Back to sewing.
  125. Redwork question
  126. Minky on a quilting machine???
  127. Printing for machine paper piecing
  128. What to look for in a Featherweight?
  129. Visor with lenses for helping when quilting with bad eyesight
  130. oh i need some advice and guidance with this!
  131. washing finished quilts
  132. How to quilt this
  133. Long Arm Thread
  134. iPad app for Quilt Design with My Own Fabric
  135. How does it smell in your sewing room?
  136. cjaye44 this one's for you! RE: Periwinkle
  137. What am I doing wrong?
  138. Does this look familiar? UFO
  139. What is the very best solid white cotton?
  140. quilts across texas 2012
  141. Vagabond Cutter question
  142. What do you think of the Brother PQ1500S Sewing and Quilting Machine
  143. Do I want a serger???
  144. 3 D Pinwheel
  145. 5D Embroidery Software
  146. Bounce Pressing Spray vs Ironing Spray
  147. Source for Hand Embroidery designs for Quilting?
  148. Graph Paper
  149. I need sewing machine help.....
  150. MSQ new circle quilt.....
  151. Class 15 bobbins interchangeable?
  152. Rick Rack and lace used in/on quilts.
  153. Do we have a section for members who offer longarm quilting?
  154. landscape and art quilt lessons
  155. clymer,New York
  156. How do I Rip Out Blanket Stitch?
  157. Suggestion for a quilt around a French Linen cloth ???
  158. Suggestions for "summer weight" quilt?
  159. Yard Sale Machine-Mistake?
  160. Slab
  161. Pfaff 7550/7570 Complete reference Guide
  162. Help ????? smoke damage to quilts and fabric
  163. I don't get it. How do they do this?
  164. heat resistant thimbles help me find them
  165. what happened?
  166. These Quilting Board Challenges, how do they work?
  167. Writable material
  168. Would you combine these 2 colors together for a monochromatic quilt? Not sure.
  169. right or wrong?
  170. Label Help Wanted!
  171. Mary Ellen Hopkins - RIP
  172. Thick & Thin Log Cabin Pattern?
  173. Janome 6500 Hesitating
  174. dissapearing 9 patch
  175. Patchwork backing for duvet cover (how to?)
  176. Help with hand appliqué
  177. friendship quilt
  178. 5d software
  179. teaching children?
  180. sewing machine issue
  181. Design wall
  182. Carpenter's Star pattern
  183. what to charge for hand-quilted quilt
  184. Quilt Labels
  185. AccuQuilt GO! cutter advice
  186. swoon block
  187. Question about widths of final border.
  188. opinions on sewing tables please
  189. Please help calculate amount of fabric needed.
  190. disappearing bowtie
  191. Bernina mid-arm machine
  192. Any Idea About Recycling and Quilting with Old Jeans?
  193. Walking foot
  194. Want to make a Jelly Roll Quilt
  195. Singer 160
  196. boy need advice
  197. What was I thinking?
  198. whooooooohoooo
  199. Toyota Mini 6004 sewing machine
  200. I just got a quilt from my mom
  201. Do I Need It? - Yep!
  202. Singer feather weight machine?
  203. Vintage Quilts
  204. Favorite "celebrity" quilters
  205. Polyester thread for potholders
  206. Torn between two lovers - errr ... rooms. I meant rooms!
  207. Quilting Newbie With A Brother 1500S
  208. What are some must have tools for beginners and how do I start?
  209. Quilt Ladder
  210. Where can I buy Generals' Wives quilt pattern??
  211. New toy coming!!!!Can't wait!!
  212. Scrappy Question??
  213. Feed Dogs
  214. A new Brother pq1500s or used pfaff grand quilter 1200?
  215. Stitches per inch for stitch in the ditch quilting?
  216. Needle-Sense
  217. Help finding this pattern
  218. How do you frame quilt a 10 minute table runner?
  219. Using up scraps....HELP
  220. Another cabinet question - Arrow Bertha vs Kangaroo Wallaby
  221. can I hand piece batiks?
  222. Question about batting - flannel
  223. Do you have one of these?
  224. Non-Bernina FMQ (daring) or zipper foot...
  225. Bernina 440QE BSR Machine Quilting - Help I'm new!
  226. Looking to restart my quilting life after my move to CA
  227. Baby Go cutter do you use it?
  228. mini charms
  229. Borders on an AQ(Art Quilt)
  230. Anyone doing aiming for accuracy?
  231. Always more than one UFO
  232. needle turn vs. raw edge applique
  233. Pfaff Passport 2.0 Thread Usage
  234. Calculating yardage for quilt pattern
  235. Barriers to quilting, how to make them go away?
  236. Do you put a label on your quilts?
  237. Used longarms with frame
  238. Can you use flannel for binding on a quilt?
  239. Help on a Longarm
  240. Hmm,bind blue or yellow?
  241. Need Help with this block
  242. Need help with how to quilt this ...
  243. Help with sashing, please
  244. Quilting a T-Shirt Quilt
  245. Need help with panel
  246. quality solid fabric
  247. If your sewing machine doesn't sound right...
  248. Marking a White Quilt Border! Help!
  249. membership,
  250. So excited, but what next?