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  1. Phew! 17 months and just compelted the top: My Affairs of the Heart Quilt
  2. My First Quilt
  3. Under the deep blue sea
  4. Only One More to Go!
  5. Halloween Quilt, just in time to pack it away till next year!
  6. Bees Knees quilt top finished!
  7. Another 10-minute block Cathedral Window Quilt
  8. Steelers Bag 1st Christmas present done!
  9. Mule Quilt commissioned and finished
  10. Today I basted and pinned the binding on my first queen size quilt.
  11. Memory Quilt
  12. Spiderman returns!
  13. Manda's Waltz
  14. Crumbs to Quilt
  15. Calendar/planner covers I am making
  16. purse made with left overs!
  17. Finished Baby Quilt
  18. Rag QUILT
  19. another contemporary queen quilt off the frame
  20. Metallic Buttefly bags - 2 bags
  21. Halloween Quilt
  22. Getting ready for Christmas
  23. Quilt for Ms. Eva
  24. Halloween decoration for my office
  25. What Do You Think?
  26. 3 scrap Xmas runners
  27. Fabric Bowls
  28. Maded in Class
  29. Fall Wall Hanging
  30. Frogs and Hearts
  31. Snowman Quilt
  32. Garage Quilts
  33. Some other purses/bags I made for craft fair
  34. experiment with pearl cotton machine
  35. Guess how many handmade Halloween decorations are in my home?
  36. Another top quilted
  37. Hello Sun Quilt Along - Block # 10
  38. Another jeans bag made, forgot to include in previous post
  39. Plum and Green Log Cabin Diamond Start Quilt
  40. Giant Dahlia.......getting arms finally
  41. 2 tops quilted
  42. crown r0yal quilt
  43. A Weekend of Quilting fun!
  44. My first large quilt finally finished!
  45. Trick or Treat bag for the grandaughter...
  46. a little snuggly tumbler lap quilt for my lil Avery...
  47. 10 min . block lap quilt
  48. Weathering Sandy!
  49. Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies... Look Out!
  50. Quilt for my favorite daughter in law
  51. My latest quilt.
  52. My first baby quilt!
  53. Just in time for Halloween...table runners!
  54. I like the back better and a wholecloth jacket.
  55. Cone thread holder
  56. my WIPS are out of control
  57. Scrappy feathers,with a cherry on top
  58. Put on your sunnies!
  59. Mother-In-Law's Quilt
  60. Bowling theme quilt...
  61. WOW Anyone?
  62. Two Very Different Blocks
  63. Some of the jeans bags I have been making
  64. Thimble berry blocks
  65. My latest quilt.
  66. Bargello in the round
  67. My new whale quilt
  68. Not your Grandmother's Tumbling blocks
  69. Dear Jane - Finished H's....
  70. Tote for a friend...disappearing pocket
  71. A moment of silence, please!
  72. My latest Warm Wishes quilt top
  73. Need help on how to quilt this
  74. Fall leaves door hangers
  75. Green snowfloks-one of my favorites:
  76. Halloween table runner
  77. McCall's Pattern to make!
  78. Marvelous Mini (IMHO) - Double Wedding Ring
  79. UFO # 7 scrappy top
  80. Large purse using swivel hooks
  81. Another top done!!!!!
  82. What is Black & White & Red all over?
  83. Fall Kaleidoscope Wall Hanging
  84. First pieced quilt
  85. Baby & dog quilt.
  86. Fabric from Grace Pullen
  87. Woodsy quilt top
  88. My 1st T-shirt Quilt
  89. Cabin wall hanging
  90. scrappy tote
  91. Magic Squares for My Niece
  92. new wool applique quilt progress
  93. WOOHOO! My quilt received the "Innovation" award at my guild's quilt show
  94. Fourth weekend of October!
  95. table runner from leftovers
  96. Hawaiian Delight
  97. Table Runner
  98. My little man's dinosaur quilt is finally finished!
  99. My first table runner
  100. Cowboy Quilt finished
  101. I think it's a lovely design for a wholecloth
  102. Halloween Wall Hanging
  103. 3 yards = 3 baby quilt tops, part 2
  104. My First Quilt
  105. This Fabric spoke to me!
  106. Baby Quilt Nine Patch Set On Point
  107. I was home sick today
  108. Froggie Quilt..Take a look
  109. Haunted hexagons
  110. Jungle Jam!
  111. picture of Warm Wishes quilts
  112. Finally finished a quilt!
  113. star block quilt done
  114. DD's Quilt
  115. One mystery quilt finished!...TULIPS
  116. challenge top done
  117. A green and purple sampler made from FQ's.
  118. String Lap Quilt
  119. Nine patch revisited
  120. Rag quilt what did I do wrong
  121. Dear Jane - Next 4 H's
  122. My batik Turning Twenty
  123. To Batt or Not to Batt, That Is The Question
  124. My embroidered quilt
  125. Mod Mosaic Quilt...
  126. Missouri Quilt Tute Christmas Runner
  127. Have a look at this D9P.....
  128. Another handbag made from a table runner
  129. Little Bulls Eye Quilt
  130. Merry Little Christmas Top Finally Completed!!!
  131. 30 Minute Sock Monkey Bag
  132. Our Family has been gifted with a darling little boy
  133. One more panel baby quilt.
  134. Quilt for a Fundraisier....Finished!
  135. My latest project :a quilt for my sister Mary
  136. Quilted Halloween Ornaments
  137. challenged by my daughter
  138. made from leftovers
  139. The 2nd of two quilts
  140. My Yard Sale Haul
  141. Asian metallic large tote
  142. How's it looking?
  143. Summer Porch
  144. Durango
  145. One Kit Done
  146. Another Crown Royal and T-shirt quilts
  147. OBW Kingsize FMQ - DONE
  148. Wrap your brain around this...
  149. This UFO is for me
  150. Christmas Table Runners
  151. Christmas Tree in FMQ
  152. This is what fabric looks like before you buy it/100% cotton
  153. Treasured gift from BIL
  154. Ashleighs' quilt -WITH PICTURES
  155. Simple but cute enough
  156. My Sister's Quilt finally finished!
  157. Christmas Spicy Swirl
  158. Bargello, New York, Pineapple & more
  159. "A Box of Chocolates" for my friend Pat
  160. Scraps to quilts.
  161. A valor quilt fundraiser
  162. Two Baby Quilts Finished...
  163. Tie quilt for church
  164. My first Christmas project for this year
  165. My latest projects....
  166. Haven't posted in ages - here's a finish.
  167. Halloween quilt for April, (lovingizabella) and one for my granddaughter Rayna
  168. Wrapped in Pretty Bows
  169. Psychedelic String Quilt
  170. Made another tote
  171. Christmas Quilt Top Completed.
  172. My little girl's first attempt at quilting- so proud!
  173. Photo Quilt
  174. WIP Snowmen for Winter
  175. Commissions- Bonus or curse?
  176. Quilt for daughter
  177. Paper pieced Blocks
  178. Featherweight Table
  179. wip~a quilt with matching quilted curtains
  180. Log Cabin Snake River
  181. Not a Dear Jane, but my 'Dear Jenn'
  182. Vintage Redwork Snowmen Top
  183. Update: 2nd border or not
  184. introducing the world's most ugliest quilt
  185. Magnetic Snaps
  186. 2 baby quilt tops done
  187. doll bed
  188. Giant dahlia.................finally starting to bloom
  189. Batik Baby Quilt
  190. BOM finished!
  191. on a roll-another queen sized top ready
  192. My Dear Jane - Week # 19
  193. Pinwheels and Prairie Points
  194. Jacob's Ladder - Spring
  195. Something From Nothing Quilt
  196. Ashleighs' quilt is finally done!
  197. Finished Quilt Top for MIL's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  198. Maybe some of you will remember...
  199. veteran lap quilt top
  200. Holiday auction quilt finished
  201. Does anyone besides me think this was meant for them???? Me for sure!!!!
  202. I made some Geta bags - and they're great!
  203. What is the Name of this quilt?
  204. A pretty little quilt
  205. Spring quilt finished just in time for winter!
  206. My second quilt for my oldest Daughter
  207. farmer boy quilt
  208. INMQ Ribbon at WSQ Quilt Show
  209. 20 Craftsy BOM Blue/Yellow Blocks Completed.:)
  210. Christmas table runner
  211. a few small projects
  212. Quilt for 1st Great grandbaby
  213. Twister Christmas Tree
  214. Flaming Flamingos! put on your sunglasses
  215. What do ya think of these colors together??
  216. My first commissioned quilt!
  217. panel wall hanging
  218. Memory Quilt
  219. Dear Jane - "H"ere we go with Row H
  220. I'm Learning...and seeing stars.
  221. Finished my sons reversible quilt
  222. Relay for Life Quilt
  223. Latest top
  224. Two done for Christmas...
  225. Granddaughters Bag
  226. Black, White & Red Baby Quilt
  227. Mama's Got a Brand New Bag!
  228. My First Quilt Completed
  229. My Version of YIKES!
  230. Help looking for opinions on this quilt backing.....
  231. Another Old Dresses into a throw for my Yougest DD
  232. Stars & Strips F & P top almost done
  233. Quilt I Made For My Daughter
  234. Bag for a young friend
  235. Quilt top done!
  236. New baby quilt inspired by Missouri Star Quilt Co.
  237. "Christian's 10-Minute Block" COPY-CAT KING is DONE!
  238. Boy Scout quilt 80 years
  239. Another Customer Quilt -- Pattie's #3 - patch quilt
  240. Another baby quilt
  241. Gift card holders
  242. Bidding war at Fall Festival
  243. Neices Wedding Quilt
  244. Why didn't I think of this sooner!?!
  245. My first rag quilt
  246. Quilt Guild show today
  247. My first project using the Twist and Stitch ruler I won!
  248. My "Personalities Ohio Star Quilt
  249. "What can you do with a panel?" challenge project Done!
  250. LionKing-themed nursery quilt