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  1. A pickle in the tree?
  2. Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments
  3. dang, darn....and purple alligators
  4. Fruitcake
  5. What would you do???
  6. Rings
  7. Christmas music like you've never heard it!
  8. An old pin cushion
  9. HAVE to share!!!
  10. It's cold outside
  11. Is there an alternative to Word?
  12. Tip when mailing packages
  13. Embroidery fee?
  14. Christmas party today!
  15. How Do You Clean Your Wood/Tile Floors?
  16. Non quilting interests
  17. What is your favorite Christmas song and why?
  18. Patch workers living in Epping 3076 or surrounding suburbs, Australia
  19. Outdoor Canvas fabric
  20. Stabilizer question
  21. Pillow making - what's the secret re: corners?
  22. Do You Do Your Christmas Shopping At The Store or Online?
  23. Picture of Peanut
  24. Please help me!
  25. life of Riley? ... is Riley a sea lion?
  26. Sewing machine - the essential sports equipment
  27. teddy bears
  28. having fun using left over fabric for pillow cases
  29. Little Drummer Boy.........A Christmas song
  30. A Must See
  31. Christmas music...lovely free online stream
  32. It's time for our "Adventskalender"
  33. Trip to U.S.A.
  34. Our darling King Charles dogs
  35. fun...put on headphones and listen
  36. War eagle!
  37. December Weight Loss Adventure with a Prize!!!!
  38. Cats stealing dog's beds...
  39. who's shopping, who's sewing today?
  40. Deer Hunting or Crafting
  41. Did you work in a 'sewing' factory in your hometown? Tell us a story.
  42. I am too excited to sleep!
  43. Pillowcases
  44. finished my apron project
  45. Want a pillow cover
  46. Mommy and Baby
  47. Ain't it the truth!
  48. Pillowcase done for 2014
  49. Happy Thanksgiving
  50. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  51. Christmas Idea Crazy or Sane?
  52. Paper Pieced Thanksgiving Greetings
  53. Using cotton add-on to fleece throw help
  54. Happy Thanksgiving
  55. Happy Thanksgiving
  56. Knitting
  57. Another reason to give thanks
  58. Happy thanksgiving
  59. Future quilter
  60. Bag home parties
  61. Need advice please
  62. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  63. FabShopHop Prize
  64. Thanksgiving online radio programming...
  65. 2013 Thanksgiving Stor
  66. Deep fried turkey safety videos
  67. Mindset just to sew on Thanksgiving has to change.
  68. just wondering
  69. Wool fabric
  70. Taking a Couple Days Off
  71. I'm going to Paris- Harriet
  72. Who's cooking Thursday?.....NOT I. :P
  73. Thanksgiving travel
  74. Shamrock cushion Ver.2 Barn Owl embroidered pencil ketch
  75. Remember Snoopy pretending to be a vulture on top his dog house?
  76. Thanksgiving poem for my QBee friends
  77. Fabric stars
  78. iPhones-What do you like about yours?
  79. The Voice
  80. Close-to-the-body purse ideas please!
  81. looking for deborah j
  82. Another gift for my sister
  83. I took a class and I'm hooked on these...
  84. Need advice re: repair
  85. Serger Miracle
  86. more recent stuff I've made
  87. Embroidery stuff I've been working on
  88. Old Business Cards
  89. iPad mini w/retina display or Kindle HDX-which would be better for quilter?
  90. Hello...
  91. Glass 9x13" pan
  92. Lap full of pups!
  93. non quilting use for batting
  94. Macy's Parade here I come. Fabric shops too I hope.
  95. Thanksgiving outfits for my DGD's
  96. How to attach elastic so fabric will gather for a scarf?
  97. Send a soldier a Christmas card
  98. Did you know this about epi pens for allergic reactions?
  99. Good Movie: About Time
  100. Appliance shops in Canada
  101. Cold in Oregon This Morning
  102. Good movie or tv show for quilting
  103. Snow/Slett and Ice Storm
  104. Perfect Sewing Machine
  105. Lots of holiday projects
  106. Life as a Turkey..
  107. My blue and white
  108. head scarf
  109. My Pusscat recommends Janome Gem
  110. Re-sizing a rug
  111. home security
  112. Rhonda Woodsmall project
  113. My Great Grandson!!
  114. Life with a cat
  115. does your CAT snore???
  116. Harmonica Man
  117. What's been keeping me from quilting...cuteness alert
  118. spools of thread garland
  119. Do you post on other quilting boards?
  120. Shower Curtains
  121. New bibs for the little ones!!
  122. 1600p quilters
  123. Little boy and his pup taking a nap
  124. New grandson
  125. Secret Santa
  126. Free digitiser
  127. Free 19" doll clothes patterns
  128. Long Cruise
  129. My sweet grands!
  130. Left-Right by Vickey Stamps
  131. Who is Red John?
  132. What are you having for dinner tonight?
  133. thin Boxes for mailing needed
  134. Silk Pillowcases
  135. Reverse mortgage as a borrowing option
  136. What a collection!
  137. duck dynasty fans...
  138. Funny from my MIL
  139. Halloween costume
  140. My free standing lace embroidered angel
  141. Owl pincushion
  142. All QB members OK?
  143. My embroidery gift
  144. Where Were You November 22, 1963?
  145. Pillow inserts idea
  146. Has anyone used or
  147. Epic split !!!!!
  148. Spinoff - craftsy and other video sites - has anyone tried this with chromecast?
  149. website
  150. Recycled denim pockets made into little "bag".
  151. Curious about All People Quilt
  152. Meet my 6th grandchild Nolan (Nono)
  153. Winter is here!
  154. Help me find a Stuffy rooster pattern
  155. Big Thank you, to all caring and loving hearts!
  156. Great movie coming out in March.."NOAH"
  157. Happy Birthday
  158. Need help finding a quotation on a panel
  159. Be careful of your trash!
  160. Quiltmaker's test
  161. Sliders snatching valuables from cars filling gas tank
  162. I Won a Prize at the Sept. FabShop Hop!!!
  163. It isn't quilted, but...
  164. Summer is still here
  165. New use for Elmer's Glue
  166. greedy jay
  167. Has Anyone Heard of This Happening?
  168. Must see.. Cute! Boys lip syncing a christmas song
  169. Does anyone use Consumer Cellular for thier phone service
  170. Do You Trust Your Pet Around Food?
  171. Hankie made into baby bonnet.
  172. need help with UFO
  173. Can somebody help me with windows 8? Can't find print
  174. Circular sock knitting machine anyone?
  175. Christmas deco for outside help!
  176. Mailorder clothing catalogs for *very* petite older woman?
  177. Seattle area??
  178. 92 yr old hero
  179. Visiting Nashville, and Galtinburg
  180. Looking for a poem about popcorn
  181. A question for a tool person
  182. My latest restoration project (a toolbox)
  183. B-day present from hubby
  184. more of my yard crtitters
  185. Dog bandanas
  186. Back up your files!!
  187. Meet Zoey
  188. Lazy Daisy Hand Weaving Tool
  189. New Grandson Nolan
  190. I Like This Way Of Thinking
  191. Old December 26th tradition "Joe Pie Day"
  192. Can you wash a quilted handbag?
  193. Ouch!
  194. Help.....with Velcro
  195. New Keurig owner
  196. Ornaments
  197. Helpful Household Tips
  198. Really Good Movie "About Time"
  199. Dolphin seeks help...amazing video!!!
  200. Update to "what's clogging your drain?"
  201. Anyone watching the new season of Downton Abbey online?
  202. winter is here
  203. Searching for pattern to turn jeans pockets into zippered pouch.
  204. movie LastVegas
  205. oma's quilt
  206. Spots Returned on Carpet After Shampooing
  207. Amazing Garden Display
  208. Facebook and google won't load
  209. NEW Christmas Eve Tradition
  210. Need a Canadian pal
  211. deco bond interfacing
  212. Birthday
  213. The Mentalist
  214. Need ideas for new tradition.........
  215. Ballroom Skirt
  216. Interfacing vs. stabilizer HELP
  217. Eclispe of the Sun in Bermuda November 2 2013
  218. White Waffle Cloth
  219. My little sewing helper
  220. Machine embroidery thread question
  221. A Special Travel Experience
  222. awe makes your heart melt
  223. Any wedding gift ideas for a young couple?
  224. power outage
  225. south for winter
  226. Oh yeah, back to standard time - the clock ....
  227. anyone know of an eletric Cat Water Fountain that works?
  228. fabric scraps
  229. craftwell ecraft or silhouette cameo
  230. Mr. October.......He's a little shy
  231. I could use some help finding this
  232. Learning how to post pictures
  233. Christmas Music how soon is too soon?
  234. Sooooo Beautiful!!!!
  235. Some Chit Chat
  236. Teachers/former teachers
  237. Trick-or-treating, casting spells, and candy
  238. Happy Halloween
  239. Happy Hallowe'en!
  240. What to do with all those wine corks.....
  241. So what blocks your drains?
  242. Where to find vinyl baby dolls ?
  243. Super Quilter
  244. Bugs, bugs and more bugs....
  245. OSU marching band
  246. "Happy Halloween" Pictures.
  247. She's back - Hurray!
  248. November Weight Loss Adventure with Prize!!!!!
  249. Candy crush
  250. Ironing Tip