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Originally Posted by Anne P
Originally Posted by cathyvv
My husband and friends thought I was nuts to buy a Honda Civic in they think I was clairvoyant!

Do you think our government will ever get the message that this insane dependence on foreign oil is INSANE and must end?
It's truly ridiculous because I've heard we get only about 10% of our gas from overseas. I also heard it's going up because the powers that be are afraid that there will be a shortage from the Middle East and that China and other countries will demand so much that it will be hard to get. I think it's all so political and artificial.
And, of course, it effects EVERYTHING :thumbdown: Now, not only is there a shortage of cotton (hence higher prices there), but tranpsporting it is more expensive so we pay for that,
too :-( Of course, this applies to everything we buy because it's all transported from somewhere. It's getting grim.
Current gas prices are based on expected future costs per barrel.
Gas prices are never based off actual costs or supply and demand, like they try to tell you. NO, some big wig meeting say they believe the market is going to go up in the next year, and thus they raise gas prices now. however they are literally guessing what the market is going to do, which is why they are still having record profits.
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