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I held an annual sale like that in the early 90s on the weekend after Thanksgiving when people are in the Christmas buying mood. My plan was to make enough to pay for my first computer machine. I did that and more the first year. I never tried to sell quilts, though, because I figured people wouldn't want to spend that much on Christmas gifts. The most expensive items I sold were sweatshirts with quilted front panels. I made fleece sweatshirts with large triangle front inserts. They usually sold out the first day. I made a lot of small items - braided fabric wreaths, various fabric tree decorations, serged Christmas cocktail napkin sets; fabric trivets stuffed with rice and whole cloves with a tag describing what they were; garlands of faux gingerbread boys and girls - made with plenty of cinnamon so they smelled wonderful; the same gbread boys and girls as tree decorations. It was a lot of work, but I paid for my sewing machine, and the best part was that it was fun! I stopped having the sale when DH retired, and my 'regular' customers called to ask why they had not received invitations to my sale that year.
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