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Originally Posted by gardnergal970 View Post
Quilte: Welcome to the weekend. Hope your report went well yesterday and your sewing is productive today. I've been doing the FWQ...started in October...using Marti Michell's template conversion sheets and this last one was full of 1 inch 1/2 square triangles. They are pretty when done but getting them to all go the right way and stay the correct size challenges me. I hope there aren't too many more of those!
Thanks GGal!! ... all went yesterday, with the report being received well, the recommended changes sliding thru without hardly a bat of the eye! That sure made me feel good, as I havne't worked directly on a project with this person before, and wasn't quite sure how they would accept recommendations on work they'd done. And oh, I even found out later, that they recognized that I did more work than they'd anticipated (aka got more than their money's worth on that contract!!) ...... that they upped the payment that'll be coming! Yahoooooooooooooooo!

I'd heard about the MMichel templates as one of the LQS' not far from here are doing it as a monthly GTG. EVERYTHING in that store is all about Marti!! I stuck with plain old rotary cutting for the first while and n ow it's pretty much all PPing as it solves the problem with all those tiny little triangles ... facing the right way, colours where I want them, and man-o-man talk about square squares and pointy points!!! Can't beat PPing for all of those things. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I PP and think of it as dot-to-dot meets paint-by-numbers ... almost goof proof. OK I'll confess, I have put on the wrong colour in the wrong spot, and yes, I have chopped off the wrong piece when trimming. All Operator Errors!!

Yes, I'm trottling right along today with FWS blocks. There'll be some show and tell threads tonight or tmro morning with those. Then tomorrow will be all about PC with pics to follow too. So keep your eyes open!!!

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