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Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
Walmart here is very bad about not having the same product again, especially new items. I learned to buy as much as I can when I see it. I was with three of my quilt buddies at the time and they they didn't want any. I did try to share it! LOL.

NO KIDDING !!! once you love something they make a 'great value' substitute and get rid of the name brand one.. Drives me crazy.. So im like you, I will buy in bulk cause you never know if they will have next time you need it..

I make my own and have the sprays- depends on what im doing;
for piecing- use my own (sta-flo/water/frebreeze)
for finishing tops- Niagra
for pressing yardage- Niagra
for finished quilts- best press for a nice presentation..
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