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I'm in the process of picking out IKEA furniture for a new sewing space too!

I'm looking at the BESTA storage series at this point. Little deeper than Billy (which was my first go-to, I love those things!) and I can get drawer sets as well as cupboard door sets. I'm taking over our livingroom as my new space so I want things to go behind doors and drawers as much as possible. It comes in a lot of different sizes and has lots of possibilities.

I'm also looking into the PAX wardrobes...nice and tall, which means if I cover the doors with flannel I could use them as my design wall. Not ideal, but probably best place I'll find for a design wall in that room without sacrificing a lot of space that could be used for storage.

But I still haven't settled on anything yet. I'm going there this Sunday to play around with stuff and take some in-person measurements on things.

In my current sewing room, I have the Grundtal rails and hooks for my scissors and rulers right above my cutting table - LOVE IT. I have 2 (which I will move to the new space) and I'm going to buy at least 2 more rails and 4x more hooks.
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