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Originally Posted by ILoveToQuilt View Post
Yes, take your machine, definitely.

I agree with some of the comments about putting your machine in your trunk to keep it safe. However, if your machine is computerized and you are traveling to somewhere warm, heat is a computer's enemy! You might want to rethink leaving it locked in a hot car. Just my two cents...for what they're worth!

Have a good trip...even if it is business!

Interestingly, a computerized machine shouldn't be left somewhere cold either...

My dealership won't let you take a class on a machine that comes in feeling cold like it was left in a car trunk overnight in the winter. You get a loaner instead.

The machine warms itself up as it works, which causes condensation to form on the electronics!

Room temperature machines only!

(Personally, I prefer to keep my machine in the hotel. I don't trust the car won't be broken into.)
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